As crime soared in South Bend under Buttigieg, his police department was forced to take ‘diversity’ and ‘anti-discrimination’ training

Democrats have clearly forgotten what it takes to keep Americans safe

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) In case you haven’t noticed yet, so-called “criminal justice reform” has become trendy among far-Left Democrats, but these revisions are only reforms in name only.

Leftist mayors, prosecutors, governors and, in the case of Pete Buttigieg, presidential contenders, are really simply unleashing chaos and lawlessness into our cities and towns, under the guise of altering the behavior of police and bringing ‘fairness’ to minorities.

So-called “diversity” and “anti-discrimination” training is replacing tried-and-true law enforcement methods that brought order to cities in the early 1990s after a decade of mostly drug-infused violence.

Crime steadily decreased over the subsequent decades but is making a comeback thanks to these ridiculously idealistic policies introduced by unicorn hunters in search of some utopia that doesn’t — and never will — exist.

In Buttigieg’s case, he wants to bring this putrid brand of non-justice to the entire country. As president, he would no doubt re-introduce some of the same intrusive federal law enforcement mandates that Barack Obama and his activist Justice Department brought to cities like Ferguson, Missouri, fanning the flames of racism and convincing millions of Americans that simple acts of law enforcement are racist.

In South Bend, Ind., where Buttigieg is mayor, he addressed rising crime rates by having his administration force cops to combat “sizeism” and “languageism,” according to newly revealed documents.

The Washington Free Beacon notes:

South Bend’s police department instituted a series of diversity and anti-discrimination training sessions in 2017. The training sessions took place as violent crime surged in the city, reaching the highest level in 20 years in 2018. The training extended far beyond the immediate issues facing the city and instead lectured cops on policing their own language to be sensitive to “isms.”

The training slides for one of the sessions contained a list of nefarious “isms” that allegedly perpetuate prejudice and power dynamics. The denounced “isms” include familiar issues such as racism and sexism along with such topics as “sizeism,” “languageism,” and “materialism.”

The slides for one of the sessions urged officers to avoid the use of “ableist” terms, such as “hearing-impaired.”

“HEARING-IMPAIRED: an inappropriate term commonly used by hearing individuals referring to those who are Deaf,” one slide read. “Considered offensive; implying that their hearing is broken, and needs to be fixed.”

The training slides were first obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative-leaning government watchdog. Tom Fitton, the group’s president, said the mayor’s office had prioritized political ideology over public safety.

“These documents show how South Bend police under Mayor Buttigieg had to contend with politicized ‘training’ that had nothing to do with the public safety,” he said in a statement.

Buttigieg’s impossible Leftism has run afoul of his police department in the past. As we have reported, the South Bend mayor essentially blamed his cops for the death of a black man who, the police department adamantly stated, was threatening the life of the officer who shot him:

During an appearance on Fox News‘ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Harvey Mills of the South Bend Fraternal Order of Police said the incident had nothing to do with “skin color,” but rather centered around an officer defending himself against a felony suspect who was attempting to attack him with an eight-inch knife.

In a speech in Chicago at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition with the Rev. Jesse Jackson Monday, Buttigieg essentially threw his entire police force under a bus when he suggested that there was deep-rooted racial bias within the department. 

He also claimed that he has been ‘working’ to fix a racial disparity on the majority-white force, noting that “young African Americans not trusting police and therefore not wanting to become police officers” is one reason why NPR reported. …

During the shooting, the officer’s body camera was turned off, but Mills said there wasn’t a speck of racial animous involved.

“This is about an officer that was forced to defend himself against a dangerous felon who used an eight-inch hunting knife to attack him,” said Mills. “That’s all this incident is about.”

Asked about the overall effects of Buttigieg’s criticism on the department, Mills said it is grossly “demoralizing.”

“You know, he used the term ‘systemic racism,’” Mills noted. “Maybe he doesn’t understand the definition of ‘systemic.’ We do. That means he’s basically called all police officers racist, and that is blatantly untrue.”

Buttigieg has complained that he can’t attract young blacks to become police officers in his city because they don’t trust cops. But then, when they’re told by the highest-ranking elected official in the city that cops aren’t to be trusted because they’re all a bunch of “racists,” what does he expect?

And, of course, this message — don’t trust the police! — is blared nationwide by Left-wing members of the Garbage Party on a near-daily basis. Obama called cops racists all the the time.

Qualifier: Yes, some police, some some civilians, are not good people. But replacing enforcement of laws with pie-in-the-sky “diversity training,” doing away with cash bail, and refusing to prosecute certain crimes, is not going to lead to safer cities and protected citizens.

It leads to more crime and abject chaos. And at some point, police around the country are simply going to get tired of it and stop doing their jobs altogether.

If Buttigieg wants to ruin the quality of life in his city, that’s on the voters of South Bend. But we can’t have those kinds of policies implemented nationwide, and as president, he would.

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Buttclown needs a come to Allah meeting. Stupid sodomites!

Jules Guidry
Jules Guidry

Egads! This guy can’t run his own city worth a damn, and he expects to con enough folks to elect him to the oval orifice.
Talk about being deluded. This guy has delusions in spades.
This is just the kind of idiot the left is filled with from top to bottom. The legislative branch of our fed govt is a great example of his kind. Despicable.
Just sayin’.


Wherever you have dindus you have crime. Dindus carry a criminal propensity mutation for monoamine oxidase. No amount of police training can prevent dindus from suicide by cop.

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