By Duncan Smith

Democrats are in power again which means the Second Amendment is once more under assault.

Attacking gun rights, that is, taking guns away from lawful owners who are upstanding citizens, is some sort of addiction among Democrats.

That stems from being authoritarians at heart; it’s a lot harder to impose your will on an armed populace.

But there is some hope.

As Democrats made cities and entire states less safe over the past year with their ‘defund the police’ and woke ‘equitable criminal justice reform’ initiatives, more Americans are realizing that they have to rely on themselves when it comes to protection.

Even Democratic voters are figuring this out.

Just the News reports:

As strong majority of U.S. voters in a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen – including nearly half of Democratic voters surveyed – say they would prefer to live in communities where gun ownership is legal. 

Sixty-three percent of voters said they would prefer to “live where individuals are allowed to own guns.” Just 26% said they would prefer to reside “where guns are outlawed.” 

The remaining 12% was unsure.

When broken down by political party alignment, the overwhelming majority of Republican voters – 83% – said they’d prefer to live in gun-friendly areas. Notably, nearly half of all Democratic respondents – 45% – said the same thing. Democrats have historically been more favorable to gun control than have Republicans. 

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