Dan Bongino to Chuck Todd: ‘You should resign in DISGRACE’ after berating GOP senator to protect corrupt Obama regime (Video)

(NationalSentinel) Representatives of the Garbage Party’s propaganda division, otherwise known as the “mainstream media,” aren’t even pretending to be objective anymore.

In fact, objectivity is the last thing these disgusting pieces of shit seek to be as President Donald Trump and his administration continue to uncover more corruption and outright sedition on the part of Obama and his Democrat sycophants.

An exchange on Sunday (which you’ll see below) between the very reasonable Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson and that fucking NBC partisan Chuck Todd was emblematic of just how pathetic the Washington media has become in their attempts to keep the most damning elements of Spygate from being exposed or, worse, believed when all the details are finally known.

Todd is an ass clown, straight up. He’s a cartoon. And he is the dickhead who proclaimed earlier this year that he’ll no longer have “climate change deniers” on his Sunday program because it’s “settled” that humans, SUVs and cattle farts are destroying the planet.

Stupidity on steroids.

In any event, Fox News contributor and daily talk host Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer, took Todd to the proverbial woodshed Monday morning on “Fox & Friends” over his blatant partisanship and outright hostility displayed towards Johnson.

When you watch this partisan piece of shit literally scream at Johnson, you can be forgiven for wanting to reach through the screen and throat punch that fuckstick into next week. As a journalist, Todd is a disgrace; as a human being, he’s garbage.

These Commie/Marxist toadies in the dogshit media are just as responsible for destroying our republic as the Commie/Marxist Democrats they serve. The only good things about the Washington media is that practically no one watches their stupid asses and most Americans trust used car salesmen more than Washington journalists.

If you still think that we’re wrong in how we approach these people — that they can be ‘reached’ and ‘reasoned with’ — take a look at this clip with Todd and think again.

These douchebags hate Republicans, conservatives, patriots and Trump supporters. They seek our destruction. They don’t even think we’re worthy of civil engagement. So fuck them. We hate ’em right back. And we’ll give them back twice the shit they try to give us.


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