Democrats are trying to nationalize ballot harvesting election theft and they’re using ‘muh coronavirus’ to do it

Republicans and President Trump cannot allow Democrats to export California-style vote fraud to the nation

By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) It is patently clear now that Democrats are using the coronavirus pandemic to advance their Marxist agenda, including ‘funding’ for measures that will allow the Garbage Party to permanently steal elections.

Before the first cent of the massive, bloated $2.2 trillion ‘coronavirus relief’ bill has been spent, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already pushing another $2 trillion package, making it the fourth package overall, that includes a California-style “ballot harvesting” election theft program.

During an appearance Thursday on CBS’ “Late Show,” Pelosi lied her way through the interview, claiming, in part, that some of the money contained in the new new coronavirus package is for ‘protecting the integrity’ of our elections.


“We had $400 million to promote voting by mail, direct, all of that. However, it was not nearly enough,” she said, noting that she really wants $2 billion.

“{We need at least five times that much in order to really meet the needs, to protect the integrity of our election-critical infrastructure as well as to promote voting by mail,” she continued (my emphasis).

“It is absolutely essential at this time. … So, in this next bill, we hope to get more resources to vote by mail. And if you’re doing that, you have to have funds for the Postal Service as well, which he has objected to.”

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Of course, ‘voting by mail’ is ‘absolutely essential at this time’ … because coronavirus. Can’t have Americans ‘risking their lives to vote,’ right?

In reality, Democrats believe it is “essential” to use the coronavirus pandemic to push for voting by mail so they can steal their way back into power permanently.

In a Sept. 16 column at Fox News, former U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz explained this tactic:

The Heritage Foundation calls it the “tool of choice for vote thieves.” The convenient, innovative, and beloved mail-in ballot has been a source of contention due to its vulnerability to manipulation.

During the 2018 midterms, Democrats in California and a Republican consultant in North Carolina used a process called “ballot harvesting” to collect mail-in ballots for voters. 

But there was a big difference between the two states, as I discuss in my new book, “Power Grab.” In North Carolina, ballot harvesting is illegal. …

In California, by contrast, ballot harvesting was legalized by Democrats in the state legislature. They don’t consider it cheating in that state. It was used to flip seven Republican seats to the Democratic column in 2018. 

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Democrats have long dismissed claims that mail-in ballots are vulnerable to manipulation, pointing to what they call a dearth of voter fraud convictions. Nonetheless, they could hardly ignore the North Carolina race in which a Republican campaign operative illegally collecting ballots allegedly destroyed as many as a thousand ballots supporting the Democratic candidate.

The process of ballot harvesting should be illegal for very good reason. It violates the chain of custody, exposing the ballot to potential manipulation by campaign operatives or nonprofit political groups. They could harass voters to turn in ballots, “assist” them in filling them out, and potentially “lose” ballots that don’t support the candidate the ballot harvester is paid to help.

The indication that ballot harvesting made the difference in California can be found in the vote proportions. Studies of absentee voters have consistently shown they tend to reflect the population or lean slightly to the right. But when ballot harvesting was deployed in California, we saw late ballots break heavily for Democrats.

Chaffetz goes on to cite the race between now-former GOP Rep. David Valadao and Democrat T. J. Cox in a rural California district. After polls closed, Valadao led Cox by some 6,000 votes, or by 8 percentage points.

Then, within a week the lead vanished after ‘late ballots’ were “delivered by third-party groups” that “broke so heavily for Cox he ultimately eked out an 843-vote victory,” Chaffetz wrote.

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Take, for example, the race between former Republican Rep. David Valadao and Democrat T. J. Cox in California’s rural 21st district. When polls closed, Valadao led Cox by 6,000 votes — or 8 percent. That margin was wide enough for media outlets to call the race for Valadao.

“The results after ballot harvesting were very different from the polling before the race and since,” he added. “In a July 2019 NRCC survey, Cox was polling at just 36 percent, while 52 percent said they would support ‘a potential Republican challenger.’ Valadao has since filed for a rematch.”

It’s clear that Nancy Pelosi and Democrats want to use the coronavirus emergency to nationalize this vote-fraud tactic. Even California Gov. Gavin Newsom admitted that the pandemic provided his party with an “opportunity” to advance its Marxist agenda.

Two things: 1) We don’t need to spend another $2 trillion for coronavirus relief before we’ve seen the effects of the first $2.2. trillion bill; and 2) Republicans and President Trump cannot allow Democrats to export California-style ballot harvesting voter fraud to the rest of the country.


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After nearly six decades, I do not believe we have had many clean elections. I propose National voter ID, and thumb in ink.

Demon-seed dems are psychos. Praying for those hangings we’ve been promised. That way God Almighty can judge ’em.

Great article!


Everyone knows what the Democrats are up to…between blocking voter ID, demanding mail-in ballots, issuing driver licenses to illegal aliens, “finding” boxes and boxes of “lost” ballots (for the Dem candidate) when they start falling behind…but we complain a little and then allow it to happen again and again.


Ballot harvesting must be taken to court before November.


By no means shou. All democrats, of course and all black.ld one penny be allowed to alter established voting systems that cannot be tampered with. Alabama uses a system of electronically recorded ballots that are not connected to the internet so cannot be hacked. The Atty General here is very proactive in prosecuting voter fraud and has done so in several counties. All were democrats and black.

Marilyn Renee

Ballot harvesting is an attack on citizen rights. We have the right to vote, but we are not required to. Knocking on someones door because they have not turned in a ballot, is harassment. Surely something dems are familiar with, but can not justify making someone vote, or harassing them to do so. We have a choice in this nation to vote, or not to vote. Ballot harvesters are pushing candidates and should be forbidden from door knocking of any kind. It is certainly not campaigning at that point. Further, folks are home fighting a killer virus. Leave them alone.


Assuming that the current panic continues into say….August….election problem’s easily solved.
Dems won’t like it but…..merely postpone the event until November ’21.
Oh they’ll get hysterical….scream bloody murder….usual stuff…..but hey…it makes sense.


Freedom and liberty is a wonderful thing in a lawful nation. It doesn’t mean you can cheat and do whatever you want. One vote per citizen. Voter ID. No late or missing ballots. No second party ballot collection. The only stimulus money for voting should be for voter ID and purple ink.

From Bananas To Ampeach Pens
From Bananas To Ampeach Pens

the Maxine Klan is all over ballot harbusting.

Dems using coronavirus pandemic to launch MASSIVE effort to steal all future elections — we need national voter ID NOW - Real Conservatives Unite

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