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Christine Blasey Ford’s story falls apart; dishonest tactics to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation exposed

(National SentinelSuspect: Democrats continued the destruction of our political system on Thursday by ensuring that a woman whose unsubstantiated accusations of sexual assault from 35 years ago against Judge Brett Kavanaugh were aired publicly for the world to see.

But when all was said and done, not only were Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations still uncorroborated, some of the details she provided didn’t add up while others were not remotely believable.

As reported by The Western Journal, one of the earliest errors she made had to do with details surrounding how she got to and left the alleged party where she was allegedly accosted by Kavanaugh while a classmate, Mark Judge, watched a door and looked on.

The news outlet which first broke the story, The Washington Post, noted that Ford could not remember how the gathering came about on the evening in question. Specifically, the Post reported that Ford said she could not remember some of the “key details” about the event in question. One of the details was how she got to and from the gathering.

“She said she often spent time in the summer at the Columbia Country Club pool in Chevy Chase (Maryland), where in those pre-cellphone days, teenagers learned about gatherings via word of mouth,” the Post reported, The National Sentinel noted. “She also doesn’t recall who owned the house or how she got there.”

And yet, during questioning Thursday by Rachel Mitchell, chief of the Special Victims Division in Phoenix where she serves as a special prosecutor, Ford gave a different answer:

During the hearing, Mitchell began to ask a series of questions regarding the night of the alleged assault. 

She started off by bringing out a large map with the area in which the assault allegedly happened and asked about the distances between her house and the house where the alleged assault happened. Ford described it as being about a 20-minute drive from her parent’s house.

Mitchell then turned the questioning to ask about how she got to and from the gathering at the house that night.

“Would it be fair to say that somebody drove you somewhere either to the party or home from the party?” Mitchell asked, to which Ford responded, “Correct.” Ford said she was only 15 at the time and therefore not old enough to drive.

There were more inconsistencies. As noted by Breitbart News, Ford – according to published reports – claimed that she has a ‘fear of flying.’ When asked about it by Mitchell, she said she initially hoped that the Senate Judiciary Committee could come to her at her home in California, but realized that was an “unreasonable” request.

That said, Ford was in the Delaware area in mid-August for a vacation – and didn’t seem to have the same problems with flying then as she purported to have when it came to flying in for testimony – or for her job as a consulting professor, or for vacation to tropical locations like Tahiti.

“It’s easier for me to travel going that direction when it’s a vacation,” she said.

Oh. Okay.

“I’m no psychology professor but it does seem weird to me that someone could have a selective fear of flying. Can’t do it to testify but for vacation, well it’s not a problem at all,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

Also, in another odd admission, Ford claimed that she could not remember details about a polygraph test she took earlier this summer. Specifically, she said she didn’t know who paid for it or whether she was videoed and recorded during the session (Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans had requested the video and audio of the session, but Ford’s lawyer refused to hand them over).

Eventually, her attorneys said they paid for the test, “which is routine,” but the inability to ‘remember’ if she was recorded was odd.

A version of this story originally appeared at NewsTarget.

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28 Comments on Christine Blasey Ford’s story falls apart; dishonest tactics to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation exposed

  1. Why does she have an army of lawyers?

    • Because it was a set-up by the Democratic party. Why else would Democrat Diane Feinstein refer her to this lawyer and have them represent her for free? Oh, and this is the same lawyer that once represented the new “third” accuser. Coincidence? No way.

      • Michelle Palmateer // September 28, 2021 at 9:11 am //

        Those Lawyers aren’t working for free. That is simply a lie perpetrated by the Democrats. They will or already have been paid, particularly given who the Attorneys are.

      • Zero Hedge dot com has a very good article about this player. It was on their site yesterday. What exactly is her connection with the CIA???? Mind control research!!!!!
        Whose mom ruled against her parents in a real estate litigation? The Judge’s mom. Any animus?????? go to youtube a look for …..
        “Body Language: Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Christine Blasey Ford”…..pricelss!!!!!!!!
        Just saw a pic today showing her female attorney with HRC………also saw a video of a dew senator slipping an envelope to her bearded male attorney at the hearing…he quickly slipped it into his right inner upper jacket pocket…..priceless!!!!! What was in it?

    • Her team of lawyers was to ‘surround her, and give her the ‘talking points needed to STOP Judge Kavanaugh, but he “came out fighting because he KNOWS she is lying and could have come forward YEARS AGO, but didn’t until now.” This was Another Democrat Scheme
      to STOP something POTUS Trump wanted, so they HAD to object.

      Her Att. Katz, is ALSO the one who backed Anita Hill, so I’d say along with another woman, she is “Part of the Takedown Team of Republican nominees. Katz is ALSO a Friend of George Soros, who “Picks up the Tabs for MANY of these DIVISIVE ACTS, and as WELL,
      HE and Ford were pictured at a party together not long ago. Perhaps as “a Dem Operative, that Ford IS, she was “More than Willing to start this scenario, WITH EVIL SOROS BACKING. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT THE CONNECTIONS WERE TO SOROS, AS HE SHOULD BE THE ONE THE FBI INVESTIGATES….NICE TRY BY FORD, BUT THIS

    • Because Sheila Jackson Lee paid for them. We all saw her hand a envelope (probably stuffed with cash and a note) to one of the lawyers yesterday.


  2. Frank Pastorkovich // September 28, 2021 at 8:42 am // Reply

    She obviously has mental health issues and needs help. Its a shame that Dianne Fienstienner Took FULL advantage of this person. She is the real criminal here. A shame that the democrats have sunk to this level of desperation.

  3. She is a baby-killer AND so are all the ones who back her.

    • Democrats and Diane Fienstien in particular, haven’t sunk to anything much less a new low. Where the hell have you been? This is who and what Democrats are and have been and for a very long time now. Democrats have absolutely no values, none whatsoever. In place of standards they exhibit an unquenchable desire to obtain and retain power. And while corruption isn’t exclusively confined to the Democratic Party, it does circumscribe, consume and define every single one of them.

      Watch how this vote is recorded. Remember Obama Carer. Democrats always vote as a block and their constituents are either too stupid, uniformed, or radically ideological to even care, much less express any concern over the corruption. Where are the food stamps, how do I get an Obama phone, housing subsidizes, SSI, Medicaid, anything, but a responsible life style and a job?

  4. What a sham. It’s so obviously just nonsense that I can’t believe the Right KEEP PLAYING ALONG WITH THE LEFT’S ABSURD SCAMS!

  5. This entire allegation was designed and orchestrated as a political hit job.

    Dr Ford was used EITHER as a WILLING tool, or an UNWILLING tool. Take your pick.

    • The Conservatives are not, if that is what you call “the right”, the Rinos are assisting the socialists in theis hit job. They have not figured out they are next.

  6. Pigface Graham has no moral compass. He’s a political hack. John McGain would be appalled.

    • What has the other political hack John McGain to do with this circus?

    • Really? So a guy who calls out a process for what it really is - a sham has no moral compass and is a political hack? Answer this, if it was so important to get to the bottom of this, then why didn’t Feinstein disclose the letter when she got it? There would have been plenty of time to vet this and have the FBI “open the investigation” that the left so desperately wants to do now back in July. I’ll answer the question for you in case. She waited until the last possible minute to spring this on the committee with the sole purpose of delaying the vote, not to prove or disprove the allegations which are extremely flimsy at best. That is what the sham is. This whole thing is a political hit job. If you can’t see that for what it really is then two things: 1) God help you. 2) God help our country if there are more people like you here than people that see things as they really are.

  7. She cannot be believed and had to read her “testimony” off a scripted page, which she clearly did not write.

    Statement: say this…
    Action: cry here
    Statement: embellish the BS…
    Action: quiver lower lip
    Statement: After only one beer, I remember certain exact details, it was him.
    Action: whimper while quivering lower lip.
    Statement: I was so traumatized, I can’t remember any of the details.
    Action: shrug shoulders, whimper, quiver lips (both of them), force out a tear, wait for democrat to support you with meaningless non-question.

  8. More like an ideologue leftist professor, who wants fame, a pat on the head from her idols, and a secret payoff. I don’t by the ‘credibility’, or the ‘sincerity’. Any felon who has fooled a parole board could attest to that. If it were not the case, there would be no felonious recidivists.

  9. 15 years old….20 minute drive? Obviously SOMEONE drove her to the Country Club or to the party…why has this person not come forward to collaborate? How come this person(s) have not been identified? seems so obvious..if an adult, why no mention of a pick up time to be taken back home?Even a no show for the ride would be remembered by SOMEONE (!) thus offering more collaboration had she been upset and taken home or walked back home!
    It doesn’t take an FBI investigator for this information to be brought forward with all the publicity!
    Something doesn’t quite add up here!

  10. Really? She is a Professor? I would love to see how she performs in a lecture setting. She was a bumbling idiot. I cannot believe this was her normal demeanor. I cannot find video of her in a lecture.

  11. Democrats today are still saying that there should have been an FBI investigation. This just proves their hypocritical low IQ stupidity. All they had to do was make the letter that Feinstein had either public or give it to the FBI when she got it last July.

    Instead, they planned to keep the letter secret and spring it on the public at the last minute.

    The democrats are not interested in fairness or in getting to the truth. But they act all outraged when things don’t go their way.

    Democrats fit into one of two categories, or even both. One is that many or most of them simply aren’t very bright. The other group are filthy lying scum without an ounce of honesty, decency, or integrity.

  12. Liberal leftist democrats are just evil beings. Satan is their master. It’s that simple.

  13. is there any truth that she also works for the C.I.A.

  14. Can’t SOMEONE call TIME on Booker ??? Isn’t is DISCRIMATORY to call time on the Republicans and let the Democrats run on and on and on and on and on…

  15. SteveStevensen // September 28, 2021 at 12:01 pm // Reply

    I wouldn’t hit it with McCain’s schwantz.

  16. She said the Country Club - not the party house - was a 20 minute drive from her own house. I believe there were enough flaws and inconsistencies in her testimony without creating new ones that didn’t present themselves.

  17. “why does she have an army of lawyers”
    They are all bought and paid for by the sleazy democRATs and the DNC. Watch Sheila Jackson Lee go up to Ford’s lawyer just as the questioning comes to a close and slip him an envelope which he quickly slips into the inside pocket of his suit coat.

  18. She can’t remember the date of the party, where the party was, how she got to the party, can’t remember exactly who was at the party (changed here story about that), can’t remember how she got home from the party, which all spells she was skunk drunk even before getting there and even more drunk after she got there, yet after not remembering all of that, she was 100% it was Kavanaugh that assaulted her. She claimed that she went upstairs to the bathroom. Why upstairs, was there no bathroom on the first floor? And as she got up there, Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge grabbed her and shoved her into a bed room, which she described in great detail, yet she could not remember anything else about the party. So why was Kevanaugh and Judge upstairs instead of downstairs with the rest of the party goers? Where they up there just waiting for her or someone to come up to jump on them? Give me a break, the woman is lying through her lawyers teeth. Her entire story stinks to high heaven.

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