By Duncan Smith

We’ll play along with the garbage media and the phony manner in which the CDC is allowing coronavirus deaths to be counted and say that, as of today, there have been nearly 228,000 people die from the disease.

Over the past 30 days, President Donald Trump may have saved 10 times that many lives, including some Americans.

Under this man’s leadership, the United States has brokered a string of peace deals between Israel and several Muslim and Arab nations.

In addition, the administration also managed to broker a deal between two former Yugoslavian enclaves — Serbia and Kosovo — that fought two deadly wars in the 1990s.

Now, the president says more Arab countries want in on peace deals with Israel as well — to include Saudi Arabia.

The Epoch Times reports:

President Donald Trump said on Friday that he expects Saudi Arabia will be among 'at least five' Arab nations soon to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel.

Trump made the remarks to reporters in the Oval Office after an announcement that Sudan had agreed to restore diplomatic ties with Israel.

Friday's normalization deal is the third U.S.-brokered agreement between Israel and an Arab state in recent months. Similar agreements have been penned with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Trump sealed the agreement in a three-way phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and Transitional Council Head Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

'We have at least five that want to come in. And we'll have many more than that very soon,' Trump said.

'I'm sure you'll see Saudi Arabia there very soon,' Trump said, adding, 'I really believe that will happen too, and very good relations with Saudi Arabia and so you'll see something very special.'

'Today's peace agreement will enhance Israel's security and end Sudan's long isolation from the world because of what was taking place,' the president added. 'It will unlock new opportunities for trade and commerce, education and research, and cooperation and friendship for both peoples.'

Asked to describe what he thinks the implications of a 'normalization' deal are, Netanyahu called it 'mind-boggling' while speaking of container ships full of consumer goods following newly established trade lines between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

'That's bringing down the price—the cost of living for the citizens of Israel right away. So it's—firstly, it's trade,' Netanyahu said, adding that Israeli tourism agents have been 'flocking to Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, and they're now just loaded with requests from Israelis and, believe it or not, the other way around: Bahrainis and Emiratis who want to come to Israel.'

'You have trade, tourism, technology, entrepreneurs, everything,' the Israeli prime minister said. 'I mean, the same thing is going to happen with Sudan.'

Trump the Peacemaker.

The realities of this presidency are a lot less recognized — and a lot better for the world — than the fictional narratives put in place by haters and swamp creatures and globalists who can’t stand that he’s running rings around them and dismantling their fiefdoms of power.

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