Did Joe Biden actually BREAK the law to help son Hunter land massive financial deal in Ukraine? (Video)

(NationalSentinel) As the Garbage Party and their garbage media sycophants run around like banshees screaming “Trump and Ukraine!” real journalists are uncovering details about former Obama-era officials and real corruption involving that country.

For example, Fox News’ Jesse Watters reported important new details regarding the involvement former VP Joe Biden and his coke-snorting son, Hunter Biden, that hadn’t been revealed before Tuesday.

Joe Biden, we know, was Obama’s policy point man on Ukraine. So when he bragged his saggy balls off about how he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid from Ukraine in 2014 and 2015, he was doing so on behalf of his corrupt-as-hell boss.

And he made the threat at a time when Russia was stealing the Crimea from Ukraine (because Putin knew Obama was his bitch and wouldn’t do anything about it) and backing Moscow-aligned rebels who were battling Kiev for turf.

In addition to Watters, One America News has also been hot on Biden’s corrupt ass. In fact, the network reports that Biden, on behalf of his co-conspirator president, Obama, may even have violated a 1977 federal law when he threatened to withhold the money unless (quid pro quo alert) the Ukrainian government fired a prosecutor looking into corruption involving a company, Burisma, that was paying his son a quarter-million dollars per month.

So far, most honest media reports focusing on the Bidens have concentrated on the fact that they are corrupt sons of bitches who abused daddy’s position to enrich themselves.

This is the first suggestion that these pricks actually broke the law.


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