Rick Perry blows off House subpoena because Dems aren’t conducting a real impeachment inquiry (Video)

(TNS) As we anticipated he would, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who is resigning from his post by year’s end, gave House Democrats the middle finger on Friday, stating essentially that he’d comply with their subpoena about the time Bitch Hillary gets indicted for all the criminal shit that she’s done.

Officially, however, Perry, through counsel, said he won’t comply with the Garbage Party’s bullshit subpoena because they aren’t conducting a real impeachment inquiry.

The Epoch Times noted:

In a letter to Democratic lawmakers, Assistant Secretary of Energy Melissa F. Burnison pointed out that the House has not formally voted on a resolution to open an impeachment inquiry, and therefore the House had failed to “validly authorize the impeachment inquiry.”

She wrote that “a Congressional committee cannot exercise the investigative power of the full House of Representatives unless it has that power through proper delegation.”

Burnison also echoed a similar point made by an earlier letter from White House counsel Pat Cipollone on Oct. 8, which pointed out that the House had never in U.S. history tried to launch an impeachment inquiry against a president without a majority House vote.

“Even if the inquiry was validly authorized, much of the information sought in the subpoena appears to consist of confidential Executive Branch communications that are potentially protected by executive privilege and would require careful review to ensure that no such information is improperly disclosed,” Burnison wrote.

The Energy Department also said in the letter it does not accept the House committee’s position that failure to comply with the subpoena would equate to obstruction. …

The subpoena related to Perry came on Oct. 10. House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), House Foreign Affairs Chairman Representative Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), and House Oversight and Reform Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) …

In other words, until the prick Democrats in the House start a legitimate impeachment inquiry — which takes a legitimate majority of Judiciary Committee members and then a legitimate majority of the full House — Perry and the rest of the Trump administration is saying fuck you.

The FU comes after Perry told Fox News on Friday that he loves working for the president but is ready for the next chapter in his life. He also said he’s been through the same Garbage Party bullshit when he was governor of Texas, only to be fully exonerated (at a couple of a couple million bucks in legal fees). And he also described how he urged President Trump to contact Ukrainian President Zelensky to discuss a lot of things that didn’t have jack shit to do with Joe or Hunter Biden but instead had a lot to do with weaning Ukraine off Russian gas and relying more on U.S. supplies.

It’s a great interview.


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What’s up with Bill Hemmorage, he sound’s like Chris Wallace.


FINALLY! AN article that explains the status of the so-called Impeachment Inquiry . . . there isn’t one. I suspected that but never saw the full explanation before. Thanks TNS!

The closed door investigation is nothing but a fake pile of shit. Schitt and Nadler should be imprisoned for treason.

Lisa Hawks
Lisa Hawks

stand your ground Mr. Perry, do not fall for their impeachment crap

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