OMG: College student brainwashed by Left claims she has ‘visceral fear’ about future of planet because…’climate change!’ (Video)

(NationSentinel) Left-wing Democrats who populate academia have succeeded in creating a generation of young Americans who are literally scared nearly to death about “climate change.”

They have been so brainwashed into believing that our modern lifestyle is going to be responsible for the planet’s destruction they live every single day in fear.

Then, as Buck Sexton notes, Democratic politicians throw these kids “onto the front lines of the policy debate as human shields, because you can’t criticize kids (but you must listen to them!)”

“People who don’t see this garbage tactic for what it is are dumb or dishonest,” he added.

Yeah, for sure. But the problem is, these kids actually believe the bullshit they’ve been ‘taught’ about climate change. And as they get older, they will be the ones in charge of policymaking.

They will govern with fear as this young lady admitted recently during a townhall-style event with 2020 also-ran Democrat presidential contender “Spartacus” Corey Booker.

Democratic Leftism is a garbage political ideology. It’s not about liberty and protecting the individualism of our founding. It’s about top-down authoritarianism built on a mountain of lies.


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The mind is very capable of believing any lie!


This girl probably isn’t that stupid to believe this lie. This shows how political schools have become. She’s been brainwashed, indoctrinated, whatever you wish to call it.I was under the impression that everyone was aware that out weather is a result of the earths rotation around the sun and the earths axis as it goes around the sun; it’s not because some people drive SUVs, use plastic straws and eat meat. I wish someone would call out the snake oil peddlers like al gore who concocted this lie. And besides, God said there would always be hot and there would… Read more »

No Bul PhD
No Bul PhD

NASA has declared that the climate change we have experienced tor the past CENTURIES is due to a realignment of the planets changing our climates. I for one am not so conceited as to believe that puny man can change the climate of the earth.

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