Allie Beth Stuckey triggers Dem Rep. Wasserman Schultz, feminists, with her spot-on testimony of the barbaric nature of abortion (Video)

(TNS) Radical Left-wing feminists and their Garbage Party enablers love to spout platitudes about a “woman’s right to choose” when it comes to the subject of abortion.

But they don’t like to talk about facts surrounding abortion — like, black and Hispanic women have abortions at three times the rate of white women, and the fact that Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was a stone racist who advocated eugenics for blacks.

These same Leftists also don’t like to hear facts about what actually takes place during an abortion: What the procedures involve and, in the case of partial-birth abortion, how babies are dismembered in-vitro so they can be removed part by part from a woman’s uterus, or how they are stabbed in the base of their skulls and their brain tissue removed for easier delivery.

Conservative Millennial Alley Beth Stuckey dropped several of these truth bombs on Democrats and Leftist feminists during congressional testimony on Thursday, and clearly her factoids were unsettling to many in the room, including Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, who attempted to dismiss her testimony because … she’s not an abortionist. Or a doctor. Or a medical person.

Yes, really.

Stuckey’s response was excellent, however: “It says something when I, the one without the scientific or medical background, am the only one to give specifics on what an abortion procedure actually is.”

But the real brilliance was in Stuckey’s opening statement, which was filled with details that are disturbing to people with a conscience and angering to Leftists without one.


Abortions, nationally, are down and have been falling for years. That’s good. But if the ‘mainstream media’ and Democrats were ever honest about the details surrounding the actual procedures, we are betting that the rates would bottom out even further.

Thanks to Ms. Stuckey for making these ghouls uncomfortable with truth bombs.

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Abortion is similar to Molech worship. God know what to do with Molech worshipping heathens — Like the Caananites and Phoenicians.

The best job for a satanist is killing babies. All you dirtbag feminazi dykes are barren holes. Go kill yourselves.

Joe R.
Joe R.

But they don’t like to talk about facts surrounding abortion - Like: 1) the product (dead babies) are used for cosmetics / food / medicine / testing. So they’re getting you to rub dead babies on your face, eat them, and shoot (inject) them into your body [the textbook definition of satanic ritual]. 2) the evil satanic-communist POS (D) get kickbacks from PP and fund their campaigns with the proceeds. 3) PP demands more tax money every year but can provide the POS (D)NC with hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations. 4) PP pushes / funds their satanic crap… Read more »


The DemocRATic party is the Party Of Mass Murder via abortion.

Jon B.
Jon B.

And that femnazi POS was obviously TEXTING her blond buddy next to her and they were mocking the witness, having a grand old time….GOOD LUCK before God, b*tch, you’re gonna NEED it…

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