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Trump agrees to reopen government and Pelosi shows gratitude by accusing him of being a Putin stooge

By Jon Dougherty, editor-in-chief

On Friday, President Donald Trump announced a deal between the White House and Congress to reopen the portion of federal government that had been shuttered since December.

In making the announcement, the president thanked both Democrats and Republicans for reaching a deal as he praised the 800,000 federal workers who had been furloughed for their “patriotism” and dedication to the country.

Much to the angst of his supporters, the 21-day stopgap funding measure POTUS agreed to sign does not include any money for additional border walls and barriers. But that’s because Democrats were demanding that the president reopen the government for a short period as a “good faith measure” so that then negotiations on border wall funding could begin in earnest.

Now he’s done that; he’s given Democrats what they wanted, which I believe was a highly calculated and tactical decision.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who has become one of the president’s staunchest champions, believes that Democratic leaders, especially House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, aren’t about to either negotiate in good faith over the next three weeks or give the president one dime of his requested border wall funding.

I think he’s spot-on, as Pelosi’s own behavior suggests.

First of all, she lied about re-inviting the president to give the State of the Union Address. After telling POTUS he couldn’t give it in the House, as per tradition, until the government was reopened, she has now reneged, giving reporters some mealy-mouthed excuse claiming ‘that’s not really what I said.’

“I am writing to inform you that the House of Representatives will not consider a concurrent resolution authorizing the President’s State of the Union address in the House Chamber until government has opened,” she said in a letter last week. But rather than introduce a measure to “consider” the matter, which is clearly what she said, the Speaker now says “I’ll look forward to doing that” — which means, ‘Go pound sand, Mr. President.’

But it’s worse than that.

No sooner than the president agreed to her demands then she took to Twitter to ‘thank’ him by perpetuating the Deep State lie that he’s beholden to Russian President Vladimir Putin following the indictment by special counsel Robert Mueller of political operative and one-time Trump campaign adviser (and friend) Roger Stone.

First of all, Stone’s indictment by Mueller is a sham — the same as all of his previous indictments. Mueller’s been running around for a year-and-a-half indicting people for things that were not crimes until he was appointed.

How do I know that? Because only Trump associates keep getting indicted by Mueller in spite very obvious evidence of “Russian collusion” between the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, Christopher Steele, the FBI, and the Justice Department under Barack Obama.

What’s more, Trump associates are either getting indicted for alleged activities that had nothing to do with Russia or collusion, or they are being pinched for “process crimes” like “lying” to federal investigators or Congress despite the fact that any number of Obama officials — Clinton, James Clapper, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe, to name a few — have ‘allegedly’ committed the same crimes.

So in other words, as a show of appreciation to the president for asceding to her demands, the Speaker of the House publicly accused the president of the United States of being a stooge for a foreign leader.

Which begs the question: Just who is really helping Putin here, the president or Pelosi and Democrats who are keeping half the country riled up and all of it divided over allegations that have no basis in fact?

Is it in Putin’s best interests to see a united America or a divided America?

Would Putin have a tougher time advancing Russian interests against our own with a president who is free to act against him or one who is tied down and hamstrung politically by a party and political establishment so offended by his presence they are willing to sacrifice the national security of our country for their own ends?

There is no way to state this fact any more plainly: POTUS Trump and his campaign did not “collude” with Russia to “steal” the election from Hillary Clinton. It just didn’t happen. What’s more, Pelosi and her party know it.

What is real, however, is that Russia remains a growing threat and a strategic competitor. The Pentagon has said so. And isn’t it ironic that no Democrat disagrees with that assessment.

Yet everytime a nincompoop like Pelosi irresponsibly claims that our president is a Manchurian candidate answerable only to Moscow, it not only empowers Putin but it weakens POTUS Trump’s ability to deal with him and, thus, weakens our country.

It’s time for the president to take the gloves off. Thanking him for the stopgap budget deal by impugning his character and accusing him anew of the Russian collusion lie shows she and fellow Democrats are not interested in anything but damaging his presidency even if it means risking the United States’ security and standing in the world.

Declare an emergency, Mr. President. Build the wall. And get used to the fact that until the 2020 election, at least, you will have to deal with a House Speaker on terms she set forth: No compromise. Ever.

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9 Comments on Trump agrees to reopen government and Pelosi shows gratitude by accusing him of being a Putin stooge

  1. David Woolworth // January 27, 2022 at 9:32 am // Reply

    Pelosi and her Left-leaning camp are pure evil - evil in all its totality. Their hearts, minds and souls belong to satan. Trump won’t be able to negotiate with them. As the saying goes, “You can’t make a deal with the devil.” and win. What little of their humanity is gone.

    It’s best that Trump take the presidential reigns, use Executive Order when necessary and save America. Just like when Trump advised Sarah Sanders not to give press briefings anymore because the journalists are habitually rude and condescending, it’s also time to stop talking to the Left. The infestation and stench of the Left has destroyed our country long enough. It’s high time to make America great again. Let’s get to it.

  2. Trump is a let down. Surrendered to NanPo twice in a week! Sheesh…I don’t think the French can beat that record! At this point, he deserves whatever she throws at him. The Art of the Deal should have known not to bluff if he wasn’t prepared for them to call it.

    Now that he’s buckled…they’ll NEVER “deal” on the wall! AND this has happened before!

    NO SOTU.
    NO Wall.
    Sad and dangerous days.

    • Another betrayal by the President. They do whatever they want. President Trump & his whole Administration appear helpless. The American people voted for a change, which Trump promised to institute with his policies. Instead, they are being frustrated, betrayed & disenfranchised by improper application of process.

      We, the people it would seem, don’t count. The electoral process has been over ridden and cancelled out by the courts, the bureaucrats, the media, Congress & both political parties all of whom serve special interests rather than the American people. The constitutional contract has been broken. We owe this government no fealty and I would posit, no loyalty. It no longer has any legitimate authority.

      Unfortunately & through no fault of his own, President Trump has now become irrelevant whether, or not he realizes it. No amount of stadium rallies, tweets, marketing, or media manipulation will be able to change it.

      It is not the fault of the people that the President doesn’t understand the nature of the struggle, or the strategy behind the tyranny confronting the nation. It is not the fault of the people who voted for and support him, if he can not, or will not respond effectively. I for one, will not be bound to his inabilities and inadequacies by blind loyalty. Sheep are fleeced and latter slaughtered.

      President Trump is a good man who has begun many necessary and purposeful things. Unfortunately, they are all for naught as they will all be undone, even as they are now thwarted. It would appear his real life, executive experience didn’t adequately prepare him to bridge the gap between being a good man with a vision of what needs doing, to being a great man actually able to execute and accomplish it. # So sad; too bad. Bye bye American Pie.

    • With your vast knowledge of the Leadership of the World, why not shed some helpful tips, or, better yet, just keep your mouth Shut…
      Trump doesnt need your helpful advice. He feels compassion for people that are hurting w/o a paycheck and Especially those hurting for lack of a physical barrier to impede the drugs and criminals…
      If you havent noticed, he has made Pelosi stand on one foot and juggling balls…trying to defend choosing illegals over American, is not really a well supported position to have. Pelosi was almost lynched in a very stressful and threatening DACA Townhall, because the DACAs knowing their precarious position under the law wanted the 3 year deal. The expression ‘better than nothing at all’…was better than what the Democrats have been able tobring forth. With Trump giving the Congress 15 days to straighten it out before he shuts the Government again and declares the Emergency Powers Act to have the military build the Wall, it will be very interesting to see if their side faces a mutiny or not…Joe Manchin is defector no.1 already. There are others whom Lindsey Graham will not name, but are said to despise Crazy Eyes Pelosi and hate being ransacked by their constituents …

  3. Dago 8itch.

  4. As a fervent supporter of the President, I have made every excuse possible and now, three years in, find myself forced to finally acknowledge he simply doesn’t understand the nature of the struggle and most probably, never will. He may be perfectly suited for mud wrestling with Rosie O”Donnell, which is to say getting elected, but he has shown himself to be utterly unsuited to save America.

    As a fabulously successful executive, his real life experience hasn’t quite prepared him for the super human stretch necessary to bridge the chasm between being an exceptional man of great talent and good intentions, to becoming a great man capable of executing his vision and doing whatever it is that needs to be done. His failure is one of understanding and more importantly, he simply isn’t learning. He doesn’t recognize he is losing and, if you bother to think about the ramifications of that, you will quickly realize that alone makes him the perfect loser.

    If one cares to think about any of it for just a moment longer, it all becomes perfectly understandable. He was a business major, meaning he never bothered to read, or study history. He hasn’t read literature and,as a result he has never been ideological. Pragmatic common sense is a wonderful attribute and at the very heart of the American experience, but one cannot practice navigation when one doesn’t know where they are trying to go. Donald Trump is an executive and as such he is insular and now, as president he finds himself isolated and totally unprepared, unable to comprehend the forces, which encompass him.

    Let’s do be clear. President Trump was our last chance. He had it all. He had all the skill sets, the work ethic, the talent, the experience, the desire to do the right thing. I believe he truly wanted to save America. Imagine, one solitary man against the entire world order and he might have just pulled it off too. As it turns out, he now appears to be a dollar short and just one day too late. Bye bye, American pie.

    • You raise the white flag too early. It’s not ‘over’. He has the clear support of the majority that make this country run…patience is the essence. If the ‘deplorables’ cannot save our Republic at the ballot box (2016), they will save it with the ammunition box and the 2nd amendment. Not the desired outcome, but here in ‘fly-over’ country, we know it will not only be our right, but our duty. ‘We the People’ hold the power, not Pelosi and Schumer.

  5. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh !! Quiet. Trump is 10 steps ahead, friends. Be patient. Evil devours itself. Trump will prevail. This reopening is for those without paychecks, that is all. It’s called COMPASSION, remember ? Something that DemonRATS know nothing about. Sit back and enjoy the show, and NEVER EVER stop believing in Donald J. Trump !!

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