By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) We’ve had no illusions that President Donald Trump was going to take a hit in his approval rating over coronavirus with the resultant stock market drop, inevitable layoffs, and other economic fallout.

But then again, the president seems to be holding pretty well at the moment.

According to just about the only survey we trust — the Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking poll — the president’s overall approval rating has slipped from a high of 50 percent around impeachment time to 46 percent today.

That’s not huge and again, we do expect it to fall a little further as the coronavirus crisis continues and more Americans begin to feel the pinch. Still, though the president has made similar recommendations, actions taken to slow the spread of the virus — closure of businesses, restaurants, gyms, etc. — are being done on the local and state level.

All said, the president is continuing to do well in a key battleground state: Florida.

If the Democrats’ strategy was to exploit the virus as a means of finally ‘hurting’ Trump, it’s not panning out so well just yet.

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As reported by the Daily Caller, a Univision poll indicates that Trump leads his most likely Democrat opponents — Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders — at 56 points while Biden and Sanders trail behind:

In one-on-one match up between Biden and Trump, the president takes the lead with 48% of Floridian voters, according to a Univision survey. Trump has a similar lead over Sanders in the same survey with 49% of the vote while the Vermont senator stands at 42%.

Red State notes further:

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To be sure, the left has been pulling out all the stops in order to make this pandemic Trump’s fault and has had nothing good to say about the way the administration has been tackling it. It’s even gotten so petty that the leftist media has labeled Trump’s referencing of the virus as the Wuhan virus as a racist act despite the fact that the media itself had been using that term for some time.

Granted, there are still many moons to go before the November elections, and a lot can — and will — happen. The Democrats and their Left-wing media propagandists are going to be lying in wait to tar-and-feather the president with whatever they can make stick.

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They will be doubly desperate if a) the mentally unfit Biden wins the nom, as expected; and b) the coronavirus is defeated and the economy comes roaring back, as is likely.

But for now, steady as she goes for the president.



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