Giuliani explains Joe Biden’s corrupt ‘lobbying’ fees extracted from Ukraine then drops THIS bomb: ‘Just watch Romania’ (Video)

(TNS) On Tuesday we reported that a Ukrainian member of parliament revealed additional corruption involving former VP Joe Biden, who — according to the lawmaker — received upwards of $900,000 in laundered ‘lobbying’ money at a time when he was working on behalf of the Obama regime to undermine that country’s legitimate corruption investigations.

On Tuesday evening, Rudy Giuliani, legal counsel for President Trump, went on “Hannity” to explain in further detail the corruption allegation and add some additional details.

In addition to verbally bitch-slapping the Garbage Party for multiple violations of the Constitution and the president’s civil rights regarding the House’s bullshit ‘impeachment’ inquiry, Giuliani read through portions of a Ukrainian media report detailing the new allegations against Biden.

As per the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency:

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden received $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Group, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada member Andriy Derkach said citing investigation materials.

Derkach publicized documents which, as he said, “describe the mechanism of getting money by Biden Sr.” at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine’s press center in Kyiv on Wednesday.

“This was the transfer of Burisma Group’s funds for lobbying activities, as investigators believe, personally to Joe Biden through a lobbying company. Funds in the amount of $900,000 were transferred to the U.S.-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners, which according to open sources, in particular, the New York Times, is affiliated with Biden. The payment reference was payment for consultative services,” Derkach said.

He also publicized sums that were transferred to Burisma Group representatives, in particular Hunter Biden, a son of the former U.S. vice president.

Then Giuliani dropped yet another bomb: He told Hannity (and his audience) to “watch Romania.”


So we did some digging. As per Romania Insider:

Hunter Biden was involved in real estate business in Bucharest and allegedly tried to lobby in favor of local real estate tycoon Gabriel Popoviciu in 2017, before and after he was sentenced to jail in a high-profile corruption case…

In May this year, reports by Fox News and the New York Times mentioned Hunter Biden’s connection to Gabriel Popoviciu.

“In addition to his work in Ukraine for the energy company Burisma, Hunter Biden advised a Romanian businessman with ties to the United States, Gabriel Popoviciu, whose real estate dealings had come under investigation, according to people familiar with the arrangement, which has not been previously reported. The investigation, which came as the United States and its allies were pushing Romania to clamp down on corruption, led to Mr. Popoviciu’s conviction and a prison sentence,” reads an article in the New York Times.

In recent weeks as we learn more about his corrupt ass, Joe Biden has been telling every douchebag ‘mainstream’ media reporter with a microphone that his dealings in Ukraine were all about trying to get that country’s corruption cleaned up — which, of course, is bullshit.

In reality, Biden was taking advantage of chaotic times in Ukraine as the leadership at the time was dealing with internal unrest and a Russian takeover of Crimea, as well as a Moscow-sponsored civil war in Ukraine’s Donbas region.

Biden said the same shit about Romania — he’s just a ‘corruption crusader.’ Per Romanian news agency Digi24 in June 2018:

Romania is increasingly associated with negative examples of governance in Poland and Hungary. A very powerful message comes from former US Vice President Joe Biden. He stated at a conference that the anti-corruption institutions in Romania are seen as a threat by the government of Bucharest.

Frustrated and disappointed voters are turning to authoritarian leaders. Demagogues, charlatans go out and feed the legitimate fears of people and always blame others. There must always be a scapegoat. Now they are immigrants, foreigners, others. It’s a scenario I’ve seen before,” Biden said. 

“There’s nothing new. In Poland, the ruling party presents the balance of state powers as impediments. Hungarian leaders accuse harmful external influences to justify social suffering in Hungary. The Romanian government describes anti-corruption institutions as impediments to effective governance, and under the pretext that they want to make them more effective, they destroy them.”

It sounds like this corrupt prick was running the same game in Romania — or trying to — as he and his coke-snorting son were running in Ukraine.

Giuliani has a lot more.


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