Pompeo: ‘More Ukraine files’ showing Joe and Hunter Biden corruption ‘coming’ from State Department (Video)

(TNS) In an effort to combat corruption and undue influence among post-Soviet countries in American elections by oligarchs and others, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last week that the State Department would continue to release “more documents” exposing alleged corruption in Ukraine involving former VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

“We released documents, I guess it was last week now, we’ll continue to do that as required by law and as appropriate,” Pompeo told reporters.

As noted by One America News, Pompeo was specifically referencing “possible corruption” involving the Bidens.

On Tuesday during a press briefing at the State Department, Pompeo discussed documents the agency released to the group “American Oversight,” indicating VP Biden used his office to harbor proceeds of Ukrainian corruption in the U.S. during the Obama regime.

For his part, Pompeo promised to continue exposing corruption between U.S. and Ukrainian officials, but would not provide a timeline, indicating that these disclosures could continue to stream out over the course of the next several months — perhaps at inopportune times for Joe Biden, especially if it looks like he’ll be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

“We still have the president in Ukraine working to make sure that we move through the challenges that the country’s had with its corruption for an awfully long time now,” Pompeo, who also served as CIA director for a time under Trump, said.

“The State Department’s been working on that for, by now, a year-and-a-half-plus” he continued. “We’ll continue to work on it.”

It should be noted that an Obama-era law requires presidents to certify that Ukraine is sufficiently battling inherent corruption within its government in order to receive U.S. aid — a provision President Trump was attempting to abide by when he temporarily halted military aid to Ukraine earlier this year.

The Garbage Party is using the president’s compliance with the law and temporary hold on aid as the impetus for their impeachment charade.

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As for the Trump administration, One American News noted further that the State Department is acutely aware of money laundering operations by former Soviet countries into the United States, much of which, apparently, allegedly took place during Obama’s eight years in office.

Documents uncovered by investigative reporter John Solomon and others in U.S. intelligence indicate that former top Obama officials may have attempted to take advantage of the inherent corruption in Ukraine to sway corruption flows in their favor.

Those documents reportedly include communications between the Obama administration and officials with Burisma, the energy firm that employed Hunter Biden for tens of thousands of dollars per month as a board member.

Burisma, recall, was under investigation for corruption by Ukraine’s top prosecutor when Joe Biden, as VP, threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid from Ukraine unless the government of Petro Poroshenko fired him.

This, as Ukraine was under assault from Russian-backed separatists following Moscow’s annexation of Crimea.


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Biden made a lot of people money. Pretty sure them favors weren’t free. There was a lot of Quid pro quo going on for over 4 decades.


It’s 100× worse than the average person knows. Q said in the beginning, the depth of evil and corruption is so horrendous, that most people would need to be hospitalized upon the full disclosure.

Funny, the biggest dirtbags running for office think it will keep them from Military Justice.

The Prisoner

Pompeo is a rare ally of Trump and of justice in government.

Beware of the fake ones: Graham and others.

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