Academic lunacy: University of Missouri chancellor rejects, condemns notion that men are NOT women

By J. D. Heyes

Extremists in the Democratic Party have found a new way to tear down traditional values and mores: By pretending that men can be women, women can be men, and by condemning anyone and everyone who refuses to go along with it.

And like all Left-wing lunacy, this “gender dysphoria” nonsense has been adopted by the like-minded pinheads who dominate academia.

Last week, during an event sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation on the campus of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Michael Knowles, who hosts The Daily Wire’s “Michael Knowles Show” podcast, was sprayed with an unknown substance by a whacko protestor as he tried to deliver a speech titled, “Men Are Not Women.”

The attack prompted a response by campus police, who subdued the assailant while the room fell into chaos.

From the looks of things in the above video, it appears as though the chanters of “Hands up, don’t shoot!” in the small crowd — a slogan built on a myth, by the way — were likely aware of what was about to take place.

In any event, what came next was truly…educational.

The following day, the university’s chancellor, C. Mauli Agrawal, issued a statement to the campus community praising students who organized the protest against yet another conservative speaker. He also condemned Knowles and, by default, those who invited him to speak, for voicing unpopular viewpoints.

Ever notice how Leftists are so ‘welcoming’ and ‘tolerant’ of all views other than those held by conservatives? Ever notice the tone-deaf hypocrisy of the Left decrying alleged intolerance by themselves being intolerant?

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“Last night, our campus witnessed a collision of two principles that we steadfastly support: The Right to free expression and the right to civil protest in response to views we disagree with,” Agrawal’s statement continued. “The evening’s events laid bare deep divisions that exist in our society today — divisions that UMKC works diligently to address through education, support and commitment to our values.”

Except, not everyone shares the same values — which is the point of defending all viewpoints. 

But Agrawal didn’t do that. He virtue-signaled to his Left-wing base, then pivoted to attack the views of Knowles.

“A student group brought a speaker to campus — a speaker whose professed opinions do not align with our commitment to diversity and inclusion and our goal of providing a welcoming environment to all people, particularly our LGBT community,” he continued.

As if that weren’t enough, he praised the ‘peaceful’ protestors, not all of whom, as evidenced by the video above, were peaceful.

“Upon learning of this speaker’s visit, members of our UMKC community responded in the best way — by organizing and conducting a counter-event across campus Thursday afternoon focused on positive messages about diversity and inclusion,” he wrote — an event that, as far as we know, was not crashed by chemical-wielding conservatives attempting to shut the event down by attacking the speakers.

And notice how only Left-wing messages about such issues are considered “positive.”

“And even during the speech, some peaceful protestors stood and expressed disagreement with the speaker’s views,” Agrawal continued, referencing Knowles.

Begrudgingly, Agrawal had to admit that the attack “crossed a line” and forced campus police to intervene, noting that the attacker is a student at the university who was spraying what was an unknown chemical at the time (it turned out to be lavender oil and other non-toxic household liquids). The chancellor also mouthed standard platitudes about how the university is required to protect Free Speech.

Knowles, however, said the topic of his discussion should have been uncontested: “Men are not women.” 

“This is the kind of violence conservatives on campus stand to face if they state plain facts and refuse to kowtow to leftist fantasy,” he noted.

Actually, conservatives face violence from the Left over any issue — because that’s the only way they can ‘win’ the debate over ideas.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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maybe conservatives should plan speeches the other way around. Let the punch line at the end be men are not women & conversely, women are not men. It is easier to see that argument anyway. A woman, unless she trains really hard or is born an anomaly, will never be as strong as the average man. A man can learn to do what women do, for instance cry, but a woman has to train to be as physically strong.

D Simpson
D Simpson

This is the real war on women. No man is afraid of a woman in the men’s room. Constant, subconscious fear, is always alive in the females of this planet. A man may THINK he feels like he should be a woman, but to ask us to support that thinking is to abet and encourage mental illness. A man can never, ever experience life as a woman. He will never feel the danger the smaller sex confronts daily, that of being a target for male sexual ’emergencies.’ That that is even a term, is beyond reprehensible. However, women know it… Read more »


I am a woman, and have never lived in fear. Woman who succumb to the moronic media and educational systems are the most angry and afraid people I’ve ever met.



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