Politically bankrupt Dems resorting to lies that Trump’s ‘destroying the rule of law’ because they can’t beat him on the issues

The Democrats' entire premise is nonsensical, hysterical, and completely at odds with how presidents and their attorneys general interact

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) It’s becoming more obvious by the day that 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, as well as Garbage Party rank-and-file members of Congress, have nothing in their political arsenal to fire at President Donald Trump that will effectively counter his juggernaut heading into the November elections.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes that lying to Americans are about the fantastic economy created by the president’s policies and Republican tax cuts really isn’t as good as they’re actually seeing and living, but that’s not going anywhere.

The Trump economy is solid and growing. The president has kept his promise on new trade deals. Illegal immigration is down. The border fence/wall is going up. The world is stable. There is a peace deal with the Taliban ending the 18-year war in Afghanistan on the table. Wall Street stocks, including personal 401(k) retirement savings plans, are at record highs. The RNC and the Trump reelection campaign are raising monster funds. Trump rallies are getting bigger and more raucous.

And what do the Democrats have to counter all of this success and enthusiasm? They tried impeaching the man mostly responsible for all of this success, but that turned out to be a political miscalculation that actually improved the president’s popularity.

Now they seem to be settling on an old narrative: That President Trump is a “threat to the rule of law” because he tweeted about a court case involving an ally who was about to be railroaded by four political activists posing as federal prosecutors.

The Hill reported Sunday:

Democrats are issuing dire warnings that the rule of law is under attack by President Trump after the Department of Justice (DOJ) overruled career prosecutors to seek a lighter sentence for longtime Trump aide Roger Stone.

The move incensed Democratic lawmakers and raised new questions about potential White House interference at the agency.

“Left to his own devices, President Trump would turn America into a banana republic, where the dictator can do whatever he wants and the Justice Department is the president’s law firm — not a defender of the rule of law,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday on the Senate floor in response.

‘Banana republic.’

The Hill even got in on the hysteria:

Many lawmakers called the shocking development just the latest in a series of assaults on the rule of law during Trump’s presidency. For many, the Stone controversy appeared to be a tipping point for the politicization of the top federal law enforcement agency under Trump and what they fear is an unprecedented expansion of presidential powers.

Why is this a “shocking development” — because The Hill says so?

The paper even quoted the biggest liar and leaker on Capitol Hill — Adam Schiff — as someone who is ‘concerned’ about Trump ‘destroying’ the republic.

“When I look at tweets like that and consider that this intervention in the work of the Department of Justice and this direct attack on our rule of law and on the post-Watergate reforms that tried to build the wall between the White House and the Justice Department, I am struck by the fact that it’s all out in the open,” he told some podcast over the weekend.

This is the guy who held Trump’s impeachment inquiry largely in secret and wouldn’t allow the opposition party to call their own witnesses — like someone who operates in a banana republic.

“He thinks he’s above the law. He has no respect for the rule of law,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday. “But where are the Republicans to speak out on this blatant violation of the rule of law?”

What violation? Even The Hill admits earlier in the story that “nothing in the Constitution requires the DOJ to be apolitical…”


Although nothing in the Constitution requires the DOJ to be apolitical, presidents for decades have sought to maintain a healthy distance. Trump’s celebration of his hand-picked attorney general’s involvement in Stone’s case caused many to wonder if the traditional firewall had been eroded by politics.

All attorneys general are “hand-picked” by presidents. They are nominated by presidents based on who he wants; he does not consult with political opponents to find out their opinions about who they’d like to see as attorney general.

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And weren’t Barack Obama’s two attorneys general “hand-picked?” For that matter, weren’t they extremely political in that they carried out his policies, not the Republican agenda?

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The Democrats’ entire premise is nonsensical, hysterical, and completely at odds with how presidents and their attorneys general interact.

But it also revealing: It proves they can’t attack Trump on policies or the economy or defense or any other typical political issues because he has either solved those issues or is in the process of solving them.

Then again, listening to a bunch of hypocrites who couldn’t have cared less when Obama was violating the Constitution and trampling ‘rule of law’ isn’t going to resonate beyond the usual Trump haters, either.



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Shock and surprise.. Democrats, party and people of Slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK.. party and people of propaganda lies - projectionism, demonization, hate and lies.. party and people of radical Leftism-Socialism-Marxist Communism.. party and people of anti-Americanism You show me a radical left Democrat, and I’ll show you a radical anti-American pathological serial liar, a corrupt political criminal, a globalist socialist marxist leftist anarchist communist, a violent fascist, a seditious treasonous ideologue zealot who’s sole belief and subversive intent is the destruction of not just Pres Trump, his Admin, the Republican Party of Lincoln, but more specifically destroy and burn… Read more »

Jules Guidry
Jules Guidry

The desperation of the left is becoming louder and increasingly more visible for all to see. They continue to out themselves as the slimeball anti-American traitors they truly are. They’ve got nothing to go into the future with to continue the destrucion of the Constitution and the rule of law. The only narratve they have left is “orange man bad”. Cuz President Trump will not play by the old rules of giving in to the leftist in the manner of the shrinking violets of past repub presidents. Thus, the “tyrant” label is being trotted out to see if that sticks.… Read more »


More Alinsky tactics from the khazar talmudist kidfuckers.

The main problem for the Pedocrats is they suffer from oikophobia, loxism, and have narcissistic tendencies. They don’t tolerate diversity of opinion. That’s the totalitarian side to narcissistic disorders. Dems don’t have a party. They are organized criminals. That’s why Rudy is on board with the Plan.


As evidenced in Virginia, the democRATS thirst for raw power. They know they can’t possibly have the total power they desire as long as the People have the means to fight back. Thus, all the anti-gun legislation there. Their lies and ridiculous statements regarding PRESIDENT TRUMP and AG Barr are just another attempt to harm him and his people. They, the democRATS, still have not done anything to specifically help those who elected them. They still focus on destroying the best and most effective president in our lifetimes. They are sick with envy and poisoned by revenge on the man… Read more »


democrat John Kennedy handpicked his brother (for gods sake) to be attorney general

Thomas Green
Thomas Green

For dems the “rule of law” seems to mean “tyranny”. Yes dems, Trump is undermining your long reign of tyranny.

rickey ricardo
rickey ricardo

“President Trump is a “threat to the rule of law” because he tweeted about a court case involving an ally who was about to be railroaded by four political activists posing as federal prosecutors.” Meanwhile, his own Attorney General goes to the left wing news outlet ABC to give a presser and complain that the President, by tweeting to the country is making his job as AG all, but impossible. First of all, let’s be clear. The President exercising his constitutional right to free speech and communicating to the nation didn’t, doesn’t and never could make AG Barr’s job impossible.… Read more »

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