This is why Donald Trump won in 2016 and why he will win again in 2020: He tells Democrats exactly what he thinks of them

(TNS) Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer both went into a meeting with President Trump on Wednesday to “discuss” Syria and other national security issues with one thing in mind: To embarrass him, again, and to use the meeting as another “impeachment” pretext.

Pelosi is being hailed by dickheads on the Left for raising her finger to the president like she’s some sort of boss, then “storming” out of the meeting to proclaim that Trump threw ‘another tantrum.’

Subsequent reporting from reliable sources proved her claims were bullshit. In fact, Trump and Republicans were the ones who were trying to make the meeting productive. But Garbage Party douchebags don’t give a fuck about anything but making this president look bad, and he knows it.

And what’s more, he doesn’t play that shit.

After the meeting, Schumer took to conveniently waiting microphones (remember, they left the meeting early) to claim that Trump called poor Nancy a “third-rate politician” and otherwise berated her.

We believe he said that because Trump himself said he called that bitch a “third-rate politician.”

But she deserved that because she acted like one. And that’s Trump: He calls it like he sees it. It’s why he is our president right now and not Bitch Hillary.

Plus, it’s such bullshit to say Trump was “insulting” — not Pelosi, Schumer, and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer for staging a walk-out for political purposes rather than sitting their asses down and discussing serious issues like rational, functional adults.

Democrats insult all of us merely by their presence. Their demeanor, their policies, their ‘Hate America First’ attitude are all maximum insults to the republic.

Besides, these pieces of shit have demonstrated such a loathing for the president they can’t hide it. They treat him in ways that would have caused them both to have strokes if Republicans had treated god king Obama the same way.

Trump has tried to be civil with these douche nozzles. He’s sick of being civil to people who would just as soon shit on him as talk to him.

Fuck Democrats. We call them the Garbage Party because that’s what they are: Garbage.

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Finger pointing….she must be taking lessons from Biden.

Gary Mathis
Gary Mathis

When I look at a Democrat, I see a devil.

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