By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Most fair-minded political analysts will tell you that President Donald Trump managed to get over the hump in 2016 to win a number of normally blue states on his way to 304 electoral votes on the strength of his immigration proposals alone.

Pledges to enforce all immigration laws, take on “sanctuary cities,” and build a border wall, all while renegotiating bad trade deals like NAFTA, ultimately won the day for the billionaire businessman.

And for the most part, the president has kept his promises. NAFTA is now the USMCA, with better deals for American firms and workers. The border wall is being built. Immigration enforcement is real. And the Justice Department has gotten some wins against sanctuary cities.

But for all his own billions of dollars in wealth, 2020 contender Michael Bloomberg has apparently never found a political analyst who would advise him that reversing Trump’s immigration policies isn’t likely going to be a winner at the ballot box, which helps explain why he’s just introduced a plan that essentially reverses all of the president’s immigration policies.

The Hill reports:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled an immigration plan Monday, drawing a sharp contrast with President Trump on his signature issue and promising to “end policies that run counter to our deepest values as Americans.”

In a 10-page document, Bloomberg proposed a path to citizenship for the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States, protections for beneficiaries of programs Trump has sought to end, an overhaul of immigration enforcement and border agencies and a moratorium on border wall construction.

The White House hopeful, who has been rising quickly in national polls, also called for an increase in legal immigration to fill labor market gaps and establishing a program to help immigrants better culturally adapt and naturalize.

“President Trump’s demonization of immigrants and his fueling of fear and hatred are an ugly chapter in American history that we must close,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “The fact is that immigration doesn’t threaten America, it strengthens America.”

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“America doesn’t need more of Trump’s fear mongering – what we need is a modern immigration system that honors our history and readies us for the future and, as president, I’ll get it done,” Bloomberg added.

Democrats like Bloomberg also hate the president’s travel bans, which they have attempted to portray as “racist” and “bigoted” because they involve “Muslim-majority countries.” In fact, not all of the countries on the president’s travel ban list are Muslim at all. And besides, the bans were implemented over national security concerns.

Nevertheless, Bloomberg’s plan is not simply wrong about touting “American values,” it’s hypocritical. Most of what he is proposing cannot be accomplished without Congress. Furthermore, President Trump has tried to work with Democrats on things like a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens and especially DACA recipients, but the Garbage Party suddenly isn’t interested — because it’s Trump who is doing the asking.

Americans spoke pretty plainly in 2016 about their ‘values’ when they elected a political neophyte who was unabashed about his desire to enforce all immigration laws and big a “big, beautiful wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border. If Bloomberg thinks running against the president on his immigration policies is a winner, let’s just say we don’t share his optimism.


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