Meadows: Comey’s FBI KNEW that Steele dossier was a pack of lies when it got spy warrant on Team Trump

By Jon Dougherty

House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows said Tuesday evening during an interview that he’s certain James Comey’s FBI knew the infamous “Steele Dossier” was bogus political research bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign when the bureau used it to get a FISA court warrant to spy on Team Trump.

Meadows, a North Carolina Republican, was responding to the testimony of Nixon-Watergate figure John Dean, whom Democrats in the House brought before the House Judiciary Committee as some sort of an ‘expert witness’ who, predictably, claimed that what POTUS Donald Trump has ‘done’ while in office was much worse than anything Nixon did.

During his interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Meadows noted that not only did the FBI know the dossier was bogus, but they were very aware of that fact before obtaining the very first surveillance warrant from the FISA court to spy on Carter Page, then a member of the 2016 Trump campaign.

“The FISA court obviously thought [the dossier] was credible,” Meadows said — and why not, considering the FBI was making the request.

“Now, you and I both know that not only do we know that it’s not credible and not only do the American people know that the dossier and Christopher Steele was [sic] not credible, but the FBI knew that before the very first FISA warrant, and so, yet, [Democrats] are going to try to convince the American people with theatrics instead of the facts.”

Meadows noted further that Dean’s admission “he’s not a fact witness” during testimony Tuesday is the most truthful thing said during all of yesterday’s hearing.

Asked if he believes the Democrats will impeach POTUS Trump, Meadows said he doesn’t see that happening.

“If they’ve looked at the same polls we’ve looked at, the vast majority of Americans believe that everybody was waiting for the Mueller report to” answer the question about whether the Trump campaign ‘colluded’ with Russia — and, of course, the answer is no.

“When there was none, unaffiliated voters, Republican voters all believed that impeachment would be divisive, and certainly, you can even make the case that if they impeach, that it actually helps the president of the United States,” Meadows added.

He predicted that Democrats would continue to hold show hearings and attempt to depose POTUS Trump with a “death by a thousand cuts” strategy, but according to polling, that doesn’t appear to be working, either.

Carlson noted that it’s going to be difficult for House Democrats to not impeach POTUS given they’ve told their voters for more than two years he’s a Manchurian candidate and a traitor who schemed with Moscow — as he was obstructing justice.

Meadows said Democrats are more fearful of what’s coming down the pipeline from Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is looking into how the Spygate coup attempt began.

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“They are on this case, and what we will find is this whole conspiracy…will start to fall apart as we look at transparency and make sure the American people can judge for themselves,” Meadows said.

Transparency is good, sure, but Trump supporters are fairly sure what Democrats and the Obama administration tried to do to the president. They want guilty parties held accountable. They want convictions.


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If you read ZeroHedge in December, 2016 and especially in January, 2017, you also knew the dossier was proven to be a fake. Then in March, 2017, Mark Levin detailed the reasons and proof as to why the dossier was fake and why the “investigation” was a coup to remove a duly elected president. Knowing it isn’t the point, is it? Knowing it will never be the point. Bringing those members of the deep state (including the FISA judges who also KNEW it was a fake dossier when they signed the warrants against Carter Page) to justice which means indicting,… Read more »


An area that hasn’t been mentioned: FISA judges are not fools…they know the standards for evidence, presented to them. They would, naturally ask questions about the source and veracity of the material. They would be very likely to be in the loop. Has anyone investigated the FISA court for improper handling of evidence and/or bribery?

Johnny Law
Johnny Law

Time for Real Accountability. Without prosecution of each and every active participant in this attempted coup, there is no accountability. The Looney Congressional Left have lost their minds and are still publicly pursuing lunacy with the Muller Report do over farce, declaring Trump guilty while fishing for anything they can pin the claim to. Is this America? Innocent until Proven does not seem to apply to Congressional Hearings. Each of these tyrants swore to uphold and defend the Constitution and those appointed over them. Full of themselves and delusion, these traitors must be rooted out and removed from further tarnishing… Read more »

Uppity White Man

The FISA courts are as dirty as is the rest of the deep state. Judges so blind as not to ask the origins of the dossier is beyond common sense. This net will catch more and bigger fish, perhaps Kingfish Obama.

The FBI needs to be dissolved, its duties distributed and decentralized, the Fisa court examined and the DOJ reorganized and Federal statutes making it hard to fire deep state bureaucrats reformed to rid us of the pestilence of entrenched bureaucracy.

We true Americans are screaming for the blood of the coup’s collaborators…all of them.

marty lopez


Don McCoy
Don McCoy

This is like one of Sean Hannity’s FNC “BREAKING NEWS” alerts. It happens EVERY time he discusses the SAME topic for the 137th time.

For MONTHS we’ve KNOW this stuff. Arrest someone already!

marty lopez

Wow, what a headline. Yawn

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