Punk Democrats in Minneapolis charging Trump campaign a half-million bucks for ‘security’ — only charged Obama 20 grand

(NationalSentinel) Not many Americans remember this, but President Trump’s historic 2016 victory, in which he tore down most of the “blue wall” of upper Midwestern states that had been going for Democrats for years, almost included Minnesota.

The president barely won Michigan, but he barely lost Minnesota — by just 1.5 percent — to Bitch Hillary.

In fact, CNN recently found that a “deep blue” town in Minnesota has now shifted to supporting our president instead of the Garbage Party.

And the president’s reelection campaign is focusing on winning the state next year — which is why Trump traveled to Minneapolis for a rally on Tuesday. He and his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, believe the state is well within his reach.

But of course, the Democrats who control the urban centers hate this president with a passion because they are shit people who don’t give a damn about the fact Trump has made life far better for them with strong trade and economic policies.

So they’re always devising ways to screw him and, by default, the Minnesota citizens who support the president.

As noted by Parscale, the Democrat mayor Jacob Frey and his administration are extorting the Trump campaign for a whopping $530,000 for ‘security’ and other arrangements for the campaign rally.

Meanwhile, the city only charged Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign to use the Target Center about $20,000.

Even given inflation, there is no fucking way that security expenses for Trump’s rally have risen that much. Indeed, the American taxpayer is footing most of the security bill anyway, given the huge Secret Service presence and other arrangements the federal government makes to ensure venues are safe.

It’s just another example of how Democrats are petty, vindictive, shitty people.

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I smell a Law Suit !

Leo Smith
Leo Smith

Scum deserves to not get paid….

M Allen

That little bitch mayor “Welcomes diversity” as long as its the diversity he likes. Kick that terd to the curb!


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