WaPo reporter covered up CIA, FBI doubts about key Steele dossier claim regarding Michael Cohen

(National SentinelFake News: Americans who have allowed themselves to be convinced that the Russians helped POTUS Donald Trump “steal” the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton will most likely never change their minds, despite mounting evidence that the claim is as ridiculous as it is untrue.

But that’s largely due to the fact that the Democrat-aligned “mainstream media” has steadfastly refused to report details that would debunk the claim. One such outlet is the Washington Post.

Top national security reporter Greg Miller, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, said during an event in October that the FBI and CIA never did believe a key allegation contained in the widely debunked “dossier” compiled ahead of the 2016 election by former British spy Christopher Steele, The Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross notes.

In the dossier, Steele claimed that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen traveled to Prague, Czech Republic, “to pay off Russia-linked hackers who stole emails from Democrats,” Ross wrote. That claim became a key component in the “Russian collusion” narrative that has been pushed by the Deep State and its operatives and allies in the U.S. intelligence community and the establishment press.

But Miller said the CIA and FBI always doubted it.

“We’ve talked to sources at the FBI and the CIA and elsewhere — they don’t believe that ever happened,” Miller said at the October event which aired Saturday on C-SPAN.

“WaPo has not reported that bombshell information, and Miller himself did not reveal the detail in his recent book, “The Apprentice: Trump, Russia, and the Subversion of American Democracy.” It is unclear why,” Ross wrote.

Cohen has always vehemently denied that he ever visited Prague, but his denial could be easily fact-checked — both by special counsel Robert Mueller, with whom Cohen had reportedly cooperated with for several months ahead of his conviction for financial crimes unrelated to POTUS Trump and by the media.

Debate over the alleged Prague visit began anew when McClatchy reported April 15 that Mueller had evidence that Cohen did, in fact, visit Prague. McClatchy was the only media outlet reporting that, however; it was never corroborated by any other outlet and again, Cohen denied it.

For its part, the WaPo aggressively probed the dossier’s assertions, Miller said, adding that the paper’s reporters  “literally spent weeks and months trying to run down” leads from the report.

“We sent reporters through every hotel in Prague, through all over the place, just to try to figure out if he was ever there, and came away empty,” said Miller.

As to why the paper never reported the fact that the CIA and FBI didn’t buy the Prague claim, we think we know the answer to that; anything that would exonerate POTUS Trump from this “Russian collusion” nonsense has been intentionally buried — by the WaPo and the rest of the mainstream media.

Because you can’t get rid of a president you hate if you publish evidence that clears him. — J. D. Heyes

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