By Duncan Smith

The libs who keep electing Marxists in Minneapolis are getting what they’ve voted for: Anarchy.

Following the death of George Floyd last year, huge portions of Minneapolis burned. Parts of that city will never come back again, at least not in the foreseeable future.

Why? Because who wants to put a million bucks or more into launching a new business in portions of the city that were destroyed by thugs and anarchists only to see it destroyed anew by thugs and anarchists after the next ‘outrage’ committed by police?

No one. At least, no one with a lick of common sense.

Still, there are businesses running in the hardest hit portions of the city, such as the new ‘autonomous zone,’ George Floyd Square.

Police aren’t ‘allowed’ in there, and just like the previous autonomous zones created in Seattle and Portland, the area where Floyd died continues to see death, destruction, and lawlessness.

And the black business owners there that are barely hanging on want someone, anyone, from the city to give a damn about them.

The New York Post reports:

Black-owned businesses at the intersection where George Floyd was killed by police last year — now known as George Floyd Square — say they are in dire straits.

Black merchants near the once-thriving corner of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue said police have abandoned the blocked-off intersection, creating a dangerous autonomous zone that has seen crime spike and business evaporate.

'The city left me in danger,' the owner of Smoke In The Pit restaurant told The Post Thursday.

'They locked us up on here and left us behind,' said the merchant, who asked to be identified only as Alexander W. for fear of reprisals. 'They left me with no food, no water, nothing to eat. The police, fire trucks, can't come in here.'

'Look around, things are empty,' added Richard Roberts, who works nearby at the Worldwide Outreach for Christ church. 'What can we do about it?'

'Sometimes it's good and sometimes bad,' Roberts continued. 'It's not stopping violence.'

Now, again, these are mostly black-owned businesses that are now suffering, thanks to the insufferable wokester Marxists who never seem to promote policies that grow and protect communities, only those that destroy and endanger them.

The Post adds:

The black-owned businesses say they have lost 75-percent of their business since the Floyd memorial sprouted up shortly after his death — and have even launched a GoFundMe fundraising page in a desperate bid to stay afloat.

The merchants 'feel they have been the sacrificial lambs' in the city's response to Floyd's death, according to the fundraising page.

'In the fight for justice we must not forget the fight of economic justice of (a) once-thriving community,' the page said. 'We business owners know that the fight for justice doesn't just include justice from the legal system, we must also include justice for business impacted.'

Police have said they’re going to restore safety to the area and dismantle the zone but no timeline has been given. 

Surprise, surprise.

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