Yes, Democrats and the Left-wing media are using coronavirus to create the next ‘Great Depression’ and then BLAME Trump

Americans want to get back to work. They want their freedom back. Their liberties.

By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) It’s now blatantly obvious that the Democratic Party and their propagandists in the ‘mainstream media’ are rooting for the country’s economy to fail and are using ‘muh coronavirus’ as the vehicle.

Playing on fears of the virus that they themselves have created, exacerbated, and exploited, Democrats and their media sycophants have gone into ‘crash the economy’ overdrive after President Donald Trump on Friday deigned to suggest he is considering recommending parts of the country reopen May 1.

Without hours, a story appeared out of nowhere in The New York Times citing ‘experts’ and ‘data’ indicating what a ‘disaster’ such a decision would be:

The new federal projections, obtained by The New York Times, come from the departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services, and outline three possible situations. The first imagines policymakers doing nothing to mitigate the spread of the virus. The second, labeled “steady state,” assumes schools remain closed until summer, 25 percent of Americans telework from home, and some social distancing continues. The third scenario includes a 30-day shelter in place, on top of those “steady state” restrictions.

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The government’s conclusions are sobering. Without any mitigation, the death toll from the virus could have reached 300,000. And if the administration lifts the 30-day stay-at-home orders, the death total is estimated to reach 200,000.

The projections foresee a bump in the demand for ventilators 30 days after stay-at-home orders are issued, a major spike in infections about 100 days after, and peaking 150 days after the initial order. (Those timelines assume further shelter-in-place policies are not put in place to reduce future peaks.)

These numbers fueling the projections may already be out of date. Forecasts accepted by the White House that once estimated at least 100,000 deaths in the United States have now been revised to about 60,000, thanks to aggressive social distancing.

Question: Why was this ‘estimate’ leaked to the Times? Why wasn’t it presented to the president first?

As for the figures, well, we don’t know what we don’t know, as usual. But we do know this: All of the models and estimates we’ve seen thus far have been widely wrong but wildly hyped.

And frankly, there have been far too many ‘estimates’ accepted as fact because of the way the establishment media has presented them. And besides, make no mistake that the same media, as well as Leftists within the government, would like nothing better to see Trump fail and Americans in bread lines.

Naturally, CNN had to get into the act.

The network brought on Christopher Murray, the director of the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. This is the University of Washington moron who created the initial COVID-19 model that predicted millions of deaths from the virus in the U.S. alone — the model on which federal and state leaders used to base their shutdown policies.

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Not only was this idiot and his model wrong, but death estimates have been walked back over the past week from a couple million to a couple hundred thousand to ‘well under’ 100,000.

But no. CNN brought Murray on again to spew the same BS. According to the Times, Murray “said the data he had seen had persuaded him that a premature lifting of social distancing restrictions — without adequate testing and contact tracing, among other safeguards — could see a renewed surge in infections, and deaths.”

“It’s enough to say that if we were to stop at the national level May 1, we’re seeing a return to almost where we are now sometime in July,” he told CNN.

What ‘data’? What is he seeing that the Trump administration isn’t seeing? And after being so wrong to begin with, why would anyone other than CNN trust this guy?

And besides, no one has suggested we “stop at the national level.” The president certainly hasn’t said that and neither has anyone in his administration. Trump on Friday in Iowa was talking about opening up parts of the country where the virus isn’t prevalent and infection rates are low or non-existent.

Not that the Times or CNN or the Washington Post or any other Washington-New York corridor media will tell you, but there are plenty of counties in our country with no coronavirus cases. Many others have so few you can count them on your hands.

Here are some real numbers.

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After three short weeks:

— 401(k) retirement accounts for more than 130 million Americans have lost about one-third of their value — trillions of dollars;

— More than 16 million Americans have lost their jobs, and that number is climbing — rapidly — with no end in sight (at the moment if the country remains locked down);

— Hundreds of thousands of businesses have been closed by governors and mayors who have been fed misinformation by “experts” using “coronavirus models” that had no basis in reality because there was never any good data to plug into them;

— Many of those businesses will not reopen, meaning the millions of people who used to work for them are not simply furloughed or laid off, they are now out of work;

— Not one ‘mainstream media’ outlet has reported anything positive about the Trump administration’s very early and pointed responses to the outbreak-turned-pandemic;

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— The same establishment media continue to oppose any suggestion by the president to reopen even parts of the country where the virus isn’t a problem, which is most of the country.

— The same establishment media won’t give the time of day to any experts who don’t vomit the ‘doom-and-gloom’ pabulum (Fox News has been the exception).

At fewer than 20,000 deaths (at present), we’re just now at the low-end level of an easy flu season. For the third day in a row, only California has seen new cases (and only a couple hundred). There are only about 500,000 COVID-19 cases in the U.S. out of a nation of 327 million.

And oh, by the way, poverty and loss of health benefits kills, too.

Enough of the stupid. Enough of the establishment media and Democrats getting away with using this outbreak as the latest political tool to beat President Trump over the head with, knowing that in Joe Biden they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning in November.

Americans want to get back to work. They want their freedom back. Their liberties. Governors and mayors should look around their states and their cities, see what the businesses that remain open are doing to ‘mitigate,’ and allow others to reopen and follow suit.

If Sweden can figure it out, so can Americans.


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.50cal AR500 Armor of God
.50cal AR500 Armor of God

Set up barter networks around your local areas. Food shortages are a possibility. Ammo for food, food for ammo.
Start rationing now. Cut meals in half, exercise, and practice your combat shooting skills. Do barricade drills, right and lefty shooting. Mix it up. Practice shooting from a prone position . Dial in your optics. Set up armor around areas you will be sniping from around your property. Have elevated and ground blinds. Load mags with defensive ammo.

.50cal / Scourge of God
.50cal / Scourge of God

I read the new poll today from Pew Research that liberals have more mental problems then the rest of society, seems true to me just by the actions of the press.


And vote for any democrat? Not happening! I will still vote for Trump even if the stock market goes to zero!


The nay sayers, gloom and doomer Leftist propaganda America haters in the MSMedia, Congress / House and Senate Democrats, Hollywood, etc, will lose in the end, as Americans will always be optimistic and endure whatever hardships that comes at them, and in the end will successfully prevail as Pres Trump leads the Nation with grit, courage, and strength against all those who obstruct and oppose him and the American people in this fight to defeat the Chinese virus, hence the Communist Chinese govt, who unleashed this viral scourge onto the world. The unemployment is but a temporary situation when once… Read more »

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