By Duncan Smith

The Biden regime keeps telling everyone who will listen that the White House isn’t interested in a so-called “vaccine passport” for people who have taken a COVID-19 shot.

Getting the passport in order to participate in ‘normal life’ would mean a de facto mandate for everyone to have a vaccine.

The Biden regime says that’s not on the table, but because they’re Democrats, they can’t be taken at their word.

So red states are preempting the regime, as governors line up to state unequivocally they aren’t going to mandate a passport.

The Epoch Times reports:

The governors of Kansas and Missouri on Monday said they will not require residents of their states to show so-called 'vaccine passports' in order to enter businesses or events, or to travel.

In Kansas, Gov. Laura Kelly told reporters that instead of implementing vaccine passports, she will be focusing on more important aspects of the pandemic response.

'I have no interest in vaccine passports,' the Democratic governor said, reported Associated Press. 'We will not be issuing those under my authority, for sure, and we have a lot of other things to deal with—things that will make a difference in people's safety and health.' …

In the neighboring state of Missouri, Gov. Mike Parson has said that while he doesn't support state-mandated vaccine passports, he's fine with private companies adopting them.

'If the private sector wants to do that, I'm fine with that,' Parson said at a press conference last week. 'As far as the state goes, we won't mandate vaccine passports.'

The Republican governor reiterated his position on Monday, writing on Twitter, 'I do NOT support a vaccine passport and have no intention of implementing one in the State of Missouri.'

Governors in Texas, Florida, and South Dakota have also said there won’t be any vaccine passports in their states, either.

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