By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) It’s taken nearly three of his first four years in office, but President Donald Trump has finally managed to turn the tide against the invasion of illegal aliens he inherited.

By now most Americans know that he campaigned on a promise of enforcing all immigration laws, ending sanctuary cities, building a wall, and getting rid of insane policies like “catch-and-release.”

Throughout his tenure, he’s battled Democrats, #NeverTrump Republicans and federal courts. But finally, the president’s efforts on our behalf are paying dividends.

The president has estimated that close to 500 miles of new border wall will be built by Election Day. And he’s tripled the funding for border wall construction this year. His administration has made agreements with Central American nations to interdict migrants and use foreign aid money from the U.S. to tackle employment and violence in their countries.

There’s the “remain in Mexico” policy, which keeps asylum seekers in that country while they wait for asylum hearings in the U.S. And the head of Customs and Border Protection has said changes in policies have all but ended catch-and-release.

In a second term, the administration can focus more effort on ending sanctuary city policies and complete the border fence. But the president will have to have a second term in order for that to happen (and a lot more pro-Trump Republicans in Congress).

Why? Because, according to the Washington Times, scores of potential illegal immigrants are waiting south of the border for Trump to be defeated or leave office so potential policy changes will once again allow them to invade America at will:

If the illegal immigrants waiting in Mexico had a vote in the presidential election, they’d vote to oust President Trump, according to an immigration expert who is touring south of the border and speaking with those snared by the president’s get-tough policies.

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Todd Bensman, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, said he’s encountered dozens of “politically woke” migrants who say they’re prepared to wait in Mexico through the presidential election, hoping Mr. Trump loses and a more welcoming Democrat wins and ends Mr. Trump’s policies.

“I want Trump out!” Mr. Bensman quoted one migrant, Katherine Cabrera, a Honduran, as saying. “I’ll wait for that because it would make things easier to get in.”

Another told Mr. Bensman he will apply for asylum in Mexico — but only to have a platform to wait “until Trump leaves,” and then he’ll head north, confident the next president won’t be as strict.

It’s pretty arrogant for people from other countries to simply assume they have some earthy right to steal their way into our country, take jobs from Americans, and help themselves to benefits that Americans pay for.

But then they’ve been conditioned to believe these things after decades of half-hearted immigration enforcement policies and Democrats telling them that phantom right to unlimited entry actually exists.

So there you have it: The very best reason to cast another ballot for President Trump in November; the timeless issue of illegal immigration and border security.

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