Washington Post: Gun sanctuaries a ‘fad’ and ‘mostly symbolic’ - unlike shielding illegal aliens, which is fine

We're heading for a showdown over nullification of laws

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Cities and counties throughout Virginia have declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries,” where local officials have said they won’t be assisting state authorities in the enforcement of radical new gun control laws should Democrats pass them when they take control of the lawmaking power next month.

And while gun sanctuaries have spread like wildfire throughout the Old Dominion, they are not limited to that state. The gun sanctuary movement actually began in Illinois and for the same purpose: To push back against that state’s radical anti-Second Amendment stance by ruling Democrats.

The movement is spreading. In addition to Virginia and Illinois, pro-Second Amendment officials and citizens have backed gun sanctuaries in Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and Tennessee.

As you likely know, the gun sanctuary declarations mirror those protecting illegal aliens from deportation that have been adopted by Democrats in hundreds of jurisdictions around the country. California is a sanctuary state, refusing to cooperate with federal officials in locating and deporting people in our country illegally, even hardcore criminal aliens.

And while the Left certainly takes its illegal alien sanctuaries seriously and believes in them as righteous and just, the Washington Post, in an editorial, has declared Virginia’s Second Amendment sanctuaries to be “a fad and mostly symbolic.”

“Overlooking the Second Amendment completely, the editorial board also argued that there’s no parallel at all to be made to sanctuary cities, in which no laws were being broken — except, of course, for being in the country illegally, which is still against the law,” Twitchy noted.

Really? You know who disagrees with the Post (besides the tens of millions of Americans who support and defend the entire Constitution, not just certain amendments and passages)?

The president of the United States.

President Trump on Monday tweeted out an article from The Epoch Times discussing the growing gun sanctuary movement in Virginia and beyond, to which lawyer and lesbian (that’s what her Twitter profile says, okay?) Alison Poole noted, “That’s, uh, interesting.”

The president, like every public servant and elected official in the country, has taken a vow to support and uphold the Constitution — the entire Constitution, not to pick and choose certain sections of it.

That includes the elected leaders of Virginia.

And one other point the Post’s august editorial board doesn’t seem to understand: The Constitution contains a provision known as the “Supremacy Clause,” which simply states that the Constitution and federal laws in nearly every case override and are superior to state and local laws.

Virginia and other states can no more legally pass restrictive gun laws than they could pass legislation restricting free speech, overturning the right to privacy, or implementing cruel and unusual punishment.

Finally, there is this: ‘Resistance’ — or nullification — has consequences beyond one’s own actions. The Left cannot simply ignore laws prohibiting illegal immigration or recreation pot use and then claim with a straight face that all gun control laws must be obeyed.

I believe arrogant Democrats in Virginia will certainly pass a bevy of new gun control laws to ‘show them hicks in gun sanctuaries who’s boss.’ But I also believe them hicks will summarily ignore the new laws while challenging them in court.

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I hope the militias and gun sanctuary counties have a war with gun grabbing assfaggots, and annihilate them from the face of the earth!

Try that crap where I live offgrid, and the stickbillies will roll out their field cannons and send 24 lbs of grapeshot at the fucking commies!


In offgrid rural areas (where I live) people can shoot trespassers. We don’t call 9-1-1. Waste of time calling the law out here. Takes too long, and most of the time they kiss shit off unless it’s a felony.

Most folks out here shoot every single day. I’m setting up a nine-hole gong range, near my 50 yard range and 100 yard range. We also need firearms for bears, mountain lions, and yotes. So good luck trying to fuck with rural people. Most off us hate everybody equally.

Ollie Octopus
Ollie Octopus

Let the shooter go, ARREST THE GUN!

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