(National Sentinel) Imaginary Tyranny: As POTUS Donald Trump soldiers on in his quest to Make America Great Again, the unhinged Left continues to see things that normal, rational people aren’t seeing.

Like tyranny and oppression. Like the destruction of the Constitution. Like officially-sanctioned racism, as if Trump were handing down edicts from the Oval Office instructing his federal bureaucracy to return America to the 1850s.

It’s madness to even think POTUS is a bigoted, racist tyrant-in-the-making, let alone that he even wants to be. But that’s the state of the Left as Trump Derangement Syndrome courses through their veins like a virus.

This lunacy was on full display once again on serial race-baiter Don Lemon’s little-watched CNN program on Monday night, when he had as a guest the political ‘genius’ who also plays some basketball, LeBron James.

Lemon was serious when he asked James about whether he believes in the Trump era that the entirety of America is returning to the days of Antebellum slavery.

And of course, the political genius who also plays basketball gave Lemon exactly what he wanted.

Breitbart News reported:

Lemon asked the three-time NBA champion who has appeared in the last eight NBA Finals if he ever looks around and gets “down and depressed” when he “see’s what’s happening in the country” or thinks “we’re going backwards.”

James replied:

Yes. Absolutely. I mean, that is human nature. There is no way that you can look at certain things and not feel like, why are we not pushing forward?

You know, for me, as one of the leaders of America or one of the leaders of my community, it’s my responsibility to kinda stay as positive as I can and continue to let people know that we can go further up and not down even though sometimes we do feel like we’re going backwards and even though we feel like we are going back to places of—some kind of slavery or Jim Crow and things of that nature, you don’t—you just want to kind of continue to move forward and I think it is very important for all of us.

Flat out, that is one of the most ignorant things anyone of any ‘community’ in America could say, but especially someone who claims to be a leader of the black community.

bullet proof vests


Under POTUS Trump, the U.S. economy has grown by leaps and bounds. Black unemployment is not just down, it’s fallen to historic lows (as has Hispanic unemployment). That didn’t happen under Barack Obama, it happened under Trump, thanks to his policies.

Slavery? Really?

LeBron James and Don Lemon actually believe that POTUS Trump will herald in new Jim Crow laws and slavery? 

Talk about a conspiracy theory.

Nothing Trump is doing signals “a new era of slavery is coming.” Nothing. It’s just stupid to claim as much.


Earlier, when asked about whether he thought POTUS Trump was “dividing” America, he said “yes,” adding that POTUS was “using sports” to divide America.

POTUS is using sports to divide America?

Wasn’t it former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick who first knelt ‘in protest’ during the playing of the National Anthem? Didn’t more NFL players follow his lead?

How is that Donald Trump is “using sports to divide America” when the players are the ones who started kneeling — which tens of millions of Americans found disrespectful of our flag, our country, and our military?

Every American has a right to their own opinions. But if you’re going to claim to be a ‘leader’ of your community, we’d appreciate it if those opinions were informed opinions.

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