ABC News reports that healthcare costs are ‘crushing’ middle class Americans but doesn’t note that Democrats promised Obamacare would lower expenses

(TNS) In 2010, the Garbage Party passed the wrongly-named “Affordable Care Act” a.k.a. “Obamacare” without a single Republican vote.

The Left and its propaganda media at the time were still a-gah-gah over our god-king president, Barack Obama, and thrilled that Democrats were able to wrest more control over our healthcare system from the private sector.

Boy, now prices were gonna come down! Everyone was going to have health insurance coverage. No more astronomical deductibles. And the god king said we could even keep are current doctors and insurance plans.

None of that turned out to be true. Obamacare never covered every single American.

Premiums skyrocketed. Deductibles followed.

Millions of people lost their health insurance plans and had to scramble to find new ones. They lost the ability to see doctors they’d seen for years.

Obamacare, in other words, was one big fat lie as well as a huge policy failure.

But that was 10 years ago and we’ve got another presidential election coming up. Oh, and Donald Trump is still president.

So the “mainstream media” must now dutifully rewrite history to blame the current state of high deductibles and monthly premiums on him — the guy who is least responsible for anything having to do with Obamacare.

Enter ABC News, the very same media outlet that deep-fixed the Jeffrey Epstein story because it implicated Democrats including Bill Clinton.

These media charlatans just published a piece on how “the middle class” is being squeezed by higher healthcare costs without ever once reporting that the entire ACA was brought to America by…Democrats and Barack Obama.

Trump and Republicans have at least managed to ditch the “individual mandate” — the requirement in Obamacare that forced people to buy a product (health insurance) for the first time in U.S. history. That went away with passage of the tax reform bill in 2017.

But that requirement never worked anyway. Before the mandate disappeared, millions of Americans still did not have health insurance — most of them young people who are never sick.

And why didn’t they buy it? Because Obamacare made it too expensive.

All of the leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are backing Obamacare on steroids: “Medicare for All” or some version of it. That’s complete government control over all healthcare.

That’s the last thing we should do. Not only will such a program be prohibitively expensive (tens of trillions of dollars per year) requiring massive new tax hikes, it’s foolish to believe a government that can’t even agree on a defense budget should be in completely control over all of our healthcare.

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The better solution is to get Uncle Sam out of the healthcare industry as much as possible and allow the free market to work like it’s supposed to. Competition is what will produce lower prices and better services, not mandates from Washington — as we’ve seen with Obamacare.

ABC News is being completely dishonest with this story. There is someone to blame for the spike in health insurance prices since 2008, but it’s not Donald Trump and Republicans.

It’s Democrats.

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Homobama reduced the size of the middle-class by 15%. The idea was to make people dependent on government, so they vote left.

Insurance companies are evil period! Read your policy from the back page, under Exclusions. Bunch of flim flam scamming shitbags!


Did ABC (All Bull Crap) cover how the states were allowed to limit competition and that the states were allowed to load up the benefits with various unneeded mandates? There was no effort to spread out the risks by managing insurance pools. Obamacare did not provide for a basic high deductible policy which should have come in at an affordable price. Insurance is supposed to protect from financial ruin. You were financially ruined buying an Obamacare policy. There is no reporting by the MSM.


How about VA quality medical care for every dirtbag grabbing a government check working in Congress?

If they get cancer, then they can wait 15 months for a referral.

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