WaPo blames $2.6 million white supremacist rally cost solely on two dozen racists while OMITTING Antifa-linked destruction

(National SentinelFake News: Once again, The Washington Post proves why none of its political news coverage can be trusted or believed or relied upon to be ‘fair and balanced,’ to borrow a marketing phrase from a rival news network.

Under the headline, “White-supremacist rally cost D.C. at least $2.6 million, preliminary estimate shows,” the paper attempts to pin the entire cost of the rally on white racists, though only about 24 of them showed up and were far outnumbered by Left-wing Antifa thugs…

…who then proceeded to clash with police and break things.

“When newspapers were newspapers, they didn’t have to worry about clickability, so they could maybe have a little more truth in their headline,” said talk radio host Glenn Beck, founder of The Blaze.

“Not to defend the white-supremacist low-lifes who did show up, but apparently they were peaceful. It was the hundreds of Antifa members who actually skirmished with police — because there were only 24 losers!” he added.

The Post report also blithely blamed POTUS Donald Trump for additional costs to the city regarding protests:

The District spent $2.6 million on policing and other costs related to Sunday’s white-supremacist rally and the associated counterprotests, according to a preliminary estimate from the city government.

The city plans to ask the federal government to reimburse those costs. Congress budgeted $13 million this year for a fund to help the District pay for responses to large-scale protests and events, which are common in the nation’s capital but have become more frequent during the Trump administration.

The Unite the Right 2 rally, held on the anniversary of the deadly white-nationalist gathering in Charlottesville last year, attracted fewer than 40 supporters. But law enforcement responded with a massive presence to keep the white supremacists physically separated from thousands of counterprotesters.

It wasn’t until further into the story the Post mentions the Antifa thugs, as in an “oh, by the way” sort of passing:

Police also had to contend with a group of anti-fascists, known as Antifa, who roamed the downtown area, skirmished with officers at 13th and G Streets NW, and threatened property damage but ultimately backed down.

Actually, there was property damage — at least to the point of requiring city resources to clean it up, as even the Left-wing Vox news site reported:

But a few left-wing “antifa” (short for “anti-fascist”) counterprotesters did engage in violence, throwing eggs and water bottles and shooting fireworks at police officers and some journalists who were covering the demonstrations.

“The reality is — and the misleading part of the headline is — that the bulk of the police effort and expense didn’t have to focus on the puny pathetic racist rally,” Beck continued.

They had to focus on keeping the anarchist thugs in ninja suits from tearing up and burning down the city. And that is your headline.”

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