By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) The human race only has something like 10 years or 12 years left to save the planet — depending on which far-Left climate alarmist you’re listening to at the moment — and yet, judging by the lack of interest in certain 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, we’re left wondering just how much of that nonsense liberal voters really believe.

After all, two Democratic presidential contenders whose campaigns were built almost exclusively around ‘addressing climate change’ are now…ex-candidates.

The latest to drop out was former Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. As noted by The Daily Caller, he focused on climate change as his ‘go-to’ issue, and yet…

Inslee struggled to stand out in the 2020 field and didn’t reach the Democratic National Committee’s polling threshold to qualify for the September debates.

He stayed on message throughout his campaign, even as his opponents were discussing issues like health care and criminal justice reform, but it wasn’t enough.

He was ultimately unable to meet enough qualifying polls to propell him to the third and fourth debates in September.

Analysts are now arguing that Inslee’s climate-focused campaign was a subtle warning to the Democratic field.

Inslee, who could never improve on ~1% in the polls despite an intense focus on climate change, is a datapoint against the proposition that Democrats’ votes are deeply motivated by policy concerns,” pollster Nate Silver said in a tweet Wednesday.

The pollster noted further that Inslee’s performance is a “bearish indicator” about the wisdom of making global warming the only issue.

Inslee wasn’t the only 2020 Dem presidential wannabe to make his campaign all about saving the planet from American ingenuity, technological progress, and capitalism.

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who signed into law some of the nation’s toughest climate regulations aimed at the oil and gas industry, also supported major Left-wing ‘climate’ policies including carbon taxes and heavy investments in “green infrastructure.” (Related: Newest ‘climate change’ study by Finnish researchers finds NO human effects whatsoever)

He dropped out of the race earlier this month.

Not even the Democratic National Committee wants to stake its 2020 hopes on the issue:

DNC officials voted 17-8 Thursday in San Francisco against a resolution to make climate change the top issue during the debate format, one day after Inslee bailed.

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The decision came after party Chairman Tom Perez said in June that the party will not hold a debate on global warming.

Perez added that climate change is just one of several high-priority issues, and it would be unfair to host a debate revolving around it. Other officials agreed.

The fact is, more people believe fake news is a problem than climate change, as The Daily Caller notes:

…50 percent of Americans believe made-up news is a “very big problem,” whereas only 46 percent of people said the same about climate change, while roughly 40 percent consider racism to be equally as bad, a Pew Research poll in June noted.

This revelation comes on the heels of a report that President “Climate Change” himself, Barack Obama, and first lady Michelle are buying a 29-acre beachfront property in Martha’s Vineyard from the owner of the Boston Celtics.

Why do that if it’s going to be under water in a decade due to flooding from the melting polar ice caps?

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