By Duncan Smith

The latest hypocritical cause for Democrats is declaring that the Senate filibuster is an outdated, racist relic of the “Jim Crow” era.

The rule has been in place for 215 years.

The rule was in place during Democratic and Republican administrations, Democratic and Republican Senates.

It worked fine until the time of Barack Obama, when the Democrat Party lurched to the left and became the party of Karl Marx.

Since the, the GOP has had to become more partisan just to push back against the encroaching left-wing attack on our culture.

And because of that, Democrats are now claiming the filibuster is racist.

Because everything conservative is racist.

But here’s the thing — Democrats employed the filibuster an obscene amount of times during Donald Trump’s final year in office.

An obscene amount.

Breitbart News reported:

President Joe Biden has been critical of the Senate filibuster, describing it as a Jim Crow relic and claiming it has been abused, although Democrats reportedly used it more than 300 times in 2020 when Republicans only used it once.

Fox News's John Roberts tweeted Friday that after the president 'denounced the rampant abuse of the filibuster last year, we did some digging. Republicans used it once. Democrats used it 327 times':

327 times.

So — Democrats are disgusting racists stuck in the Jim Crow era, right?

Actually, that makes more sense because it was the Democratic Party that defended slavery, seceded, formed the KKK, backed abortionist Magaret Sanger, and enacted segregation and the Jim Crow laws.

What terrible gaslighters Democrats are.

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