By Duncan Smith

The End Times are coming…

And we don’t mean that in a Biblical sense, though honestly, we’re not meant to know when that event happens.

No, we’re talking about the end of civility in the United States.

The left will make sure of it. The left will usher in the incivility. The left will trigger the next internal conflict — one that will very turn out to be kinetic because the left will push patriots to it.

You see the woman above?

Her name is Therese Duke. She’s a supporter of President Donald Trump.

She used to be an employee at Massachusetts General Hospital (see the story in the video below).

But after being punched at a Jan. 5 rally in Washington, D.C., bloodied, and then outed as a Trump supporter by a daughter she brought into this world, raised, and cared for, she was fired by bullies and cowards.

Why? As the video report below incorrectly claims, it was believed that she took part in the riot at the U.S. Capitol Building earlier this month

She didn’t. But that didn’t matter. She got canceled anyway. 

And now she fears she won’t ever be able to make a living again — at least in the U.S.

Her own country.

The Blaze has more:

On the night before a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol, Duke’s face went viral as she was recorded bleeding amid a clash between Trump supporters and law enforcement.

She was seen in early footage with a bloodied nose, claiming that she was hit by a Black Lives Matter supporter. The altercation was also recorded, and shows Duke being punched by a female officer, later identified as Ashanti Smith, after Duke reached for Smith’s phone as the officer was recording the crowd.

Smith was then allegedly punched twice by Duke’s sister, Anne Lorenz, leading police to respond with pepper spray.

Two days later, Duke’s daughter, 18-year-old Helena Duke, mocked her mother on Twitter, writing, “hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn’t go to BLM protests bc they could get violent…this you?”

“I did nothing wrong,” Duke insisted to the Boston Herald. “I was the one who was assaulted.”

Whether she provoked an officer or not, the core of her argument — she did nothing wrong by showing up to support a president — is absolutely spot-on.

But increasingly, half the country is being punished for supporting a president — Donald Trump — and a party — the GOP — which is not supposed to happen in America.


So — why is it?

Simple. The Marxist left is using the Trump presidency as justification to ‘purify’ the country from any and all political thought and action that isn’t ‘approved.’

Though rumblings of this political purge were already occurring before the November election, the Capitol riot is being blown way out of proportion intentionally because that is now the ‘spark’ to full-on eradicate Trumpism and his supporters.

If you think they’re not coming, if you think they’re not already here, if you think this isn’t already happening, remember Theresa Duke. And remember the ungrateful little s**t of a daughter who dimed out her own mother, possibly making her unemployable for the rest of her life.

Over a difference of political opinion.

Trump supporters, conservatives, get your act together and get your head in the game. Because ‘they’ are coming for us.

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