(NationalSentinel) During his campaign, GOP nominee Donald J. Trump promised to renew American energy production hard hit by years of executive actions and “global warming” nonsense during the Obama administration.

As president, Trump is making good on that promise. As reported by Zero Hedge, the nation’s chief executive on Tuesday signed measures that advance the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, from the northern plains to refineries in the southern part of the country:

It is just day two of his presidency, and already Trump is taking a sledgehammer to the Obama legacy: in his latest move reported moments ago by Bloomberg, president Trump intends to sign two executive actions today that would advance construction of the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, putting a spoke, so to say, in the train wheels of Warren Buffett’s train-based oil transportation quasi-monopoly.

The orders would fulfill campaign promises Trump made to approve both pipelines, which face strong opposition from Democrats and environmentalists, but ardent support from the oil industry and the GOP. The White House said Trump plans to sign executive orders at 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, but did not provide more details, nor did it respond to the Bloomberg report.

It’s unclear what exactly the orders would do and whether they would fully approve the pipelines or take some other steps in that direction.

If fully built by developer TransCanada Corp., Keystone would run from Alberta, Canada’s oil sands to the Gulf Coast in Texas, bringing heavy oil sands petroleum to refineries. Last month, the Obama administration ordered a comprehensive environmental impact statement to be conducted on the Dakota Access Pipeline before any decision could be made on building its final section below Lake Oahe in North Dakota.

Environmental activists have been fired up over both pipelines, claiming the usual things-Fossil fuels are destroying the planet, changing the climate and melting icecaps, despite a dearth of actual evidence for any of these claims. Meantime, America continues to rely on oil supplied by some of the most volatile, oppressive governments in the Middle East and South America, often at the cost of American blood and treasure.

Trump, like a majority of the country, is saying enough is enough. We’ve got resources in our own nation that have been sequestered by decades of irresponsible policymaking based on little to no scientific evidence. It’s time to unlock them and in the process make the country lots of money and provide lots of jobs and opportunities, all without sacrificing our air, water and military.

There are other approvals the pipelines, by law, will need, but Trump seems determined to get them, and that will be a good thing for Americans (even those who irrationally disagree with him on this).

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