Your tax dollars at work: NIH spends $1.1 MILLION to create hookup app for transgender women, gay black men

(National SentinelOut of Control: Few remember it now since the news cycle in America is 24/7/365, but POTUS Donald Trump’s first budget proposal sought to slash tens of billions of dollars from a variety of federal bureaucracies.

In January 2017, just a days before the president was inaugurated, we reported that he planned to cut entire federal agencies as he sought $10.5 trillion in cuts over a period of 10 years.

Citing the Washington Free Beacon:

The Trump administration is seeking major cuts to federal spending upon taking office, with plans to eliminate agencies and programs to reduce the budget by over $10 trillion.

The National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated, according to a new report on the administration’s spending priorities…

The State Department, Department of Justice, and Department of Transportation would also see programs removed entirely. The Government Accountability Office has identified hundreds of billions of taxpayer funding that could be saved by eliminating duplicative programs.

Who but a billionaire businessman knows better how to balance budgets by trimming costs and eliminating duplication and waste?

Needless to say, there were (and remain) too many lawmakers in Congress too willing to protect pet programs and other expenditures that benefit only their constituents so few of POTUS Trump’s budget cuts were ever adopted, let alone seriously considered.

As a result, the deficit continues to expand and federal agencies like the National Institutes of Health continue to squander tax dollars on ridiculous expenditures like creating ‘hookup apps’ for transgender women and gay black males.

No, we’re not even kidding.

The Free Beacon reports Thursday:

The National Institutes of Health is spending over $1.1 million creating a mobile app to connect transwomen and a “sex-positive” app that creates “hooking up simulations” for black gay teenagers.

dfusion, inc., a “science-based” technology company based in California, received the funding for two apps, including, “T3,” which stands for “Tune In! Turn Up! Turn On!”

T3 is a “sex-positive” app targeting black men ages 14 to 17 who have sex with men. The project has received $949,583, including over $700,000 this spring.

Once developed, the app will include “hooking up simulations” and tips for young gay teenagers on “self-pleasuring,” “condom and lube use,” and how to create “enjoyable sexual encounters.”

The app will also include features common on dating apps, such as a chat tool and a GPS locater [sic]. The researchers said they want to meet young black men who have sex with men, or YBMSM, “where they are.”

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Insert ‘facepalm’ emoji here.

Backers of such foolishness will no doubt claim that ‘it’s just a million dollars, and in a federal budget of trillions of dollars, what’s the big deal?’

This is one reason why the federal budget is so high — lunatic expenditures for ridiculous, PC-driven, Left-wing ideology.

It’s madness and it has to stop if we’re to ever have a prayer of balancing our budget and paying down our debt.

If apps like this really are in demand, trust us when we say there is a free-market solution that doesn’t involve spending taxpayer dollars!

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Marty Lopez
Marty Lopez

Defund the NIH immediately. Whatever else they may be, they shadow support a political party, an active agenda and a proactive, political point of view. The government has no business supporting such organizations with tax funded monies.

WTF is going on here

As far as I’m aware, males & females aged 14-17 are considered minors, and any adult having sex with a minor is a rapist, so NIH is spending $1.1m taxpayer dollars to fund a “sex-positive” app targeting black men ages 14 to 17 who have sex with men - so they are using taxpayer dollars to promote statutory rape! How is this even happening? If they set up a website for 14-17 year old girls to have sex with men, would that be ok too? - and since when does it cost that much to set up a freaking website!!!


Can Barry and Corey and Jared Polis go out for a drink now?

Don McCoy
Don McCoy

Sadly, even with this tragically wasted federal money in the open…nothing will be done to remedy it. Nothing will be done to punish the cretins who arranged it…and nothing will be done to stop it happening again.

L Garou
L Garou

What a revolting development..

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