By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(NationalSentinel) Political War: The discredited Washington establishment media is doing all it can to frame the burgeoning Susan Rice/Ben Rhodes scandal of unmasking Trump campaign and transition team members, likely for political purposes, but the president is having none of it.

In a story published on Thursday, The Hill framed the issue as a highly unusual and mounting feud between the Obama and Trump administrations, but it is much, much more than that: As the president told The New York Times in a recent interview, it is the biggest story “of our time.”

“I think it’s going to be the biggest story,” Trump told The New York Times. “It’s such an important story for our country and the world. It is one of the big stories of our time.”

The weasel Rhodes quickly responded, calling Trump “authoritarian” for daring to suggest that what he and Rice are alleged to have done is somehow out of the ordinary.

But consider this: When was the last time you heard about White House political appointees demanding and collecting intelligence on a rival political campaign, and then unmasking its officials?


The answer is…never. Because it hasn’t happened.

As Andrew McCarthy, former U.S. district attorney and national security prosecutor, wrote at National Review Online this week, the White House doesn’t do investigations. Rice, as the president’s national security advisor, and Rhodes, as one of her deputies, are not investigators, their political appointees. They’re functionaries. They work for the president. To suggest they aren’t overtly political is to suggest that Democrats are opposing Judge Neil Gorsuch “on principle.” It’s a sick joke.

The White House, as McCarthy noted, is a consumer of intelligence, not a producer of it. “The thing to bear in mind is that the White House does not do investigations. Not criminal investigations, not intelligence investigations. Remember that,” he wrote.

So again, why exactly would Rice and Rhodes be collecting incidental intelligence gathered on Trump team members and, on Obama’s order, spreading it throughout the intelligence agencies and Capitol Hill (as Evelyn Farkas has admitted), where it was certain to be leaked? Why was Rice the functionary who doesn’t do intelligence investigations unmasking any Americans, let alone those who just happen to have been working for the Trump campaign?

Rhodes talks about the alleged “authoritarianism” of Trump, but since when is pointing out what appears to be a wholly improper, and potentially criminal, unmasking and leaking of American citizens “authoritarian?”

If he’s looking for an example of that kind of behavior, he need look no further than his former boss, President Obama, the most likely ringleader in this ugly mess.

Trump has been a law-and-order president from the outset. He needs to continue being a law-and-order president by requesting that the Justice Department - which does do investigations - look into any alleged improprieties and illegal leaking of unmasked Trump officials by Rice and/or Rhodes and anyone else who may have been involved. If evidence of illegal activity is found, arrests and prosecutions should follow. Enough, already.

The Alt-Left, which has hijacked the Democratic Party, is the real authoritarian element in our politics today. The Left, led by the former administration, has refused to accept Trump’s legitimacy, and has actively worked to undermine and subvert him.

In another time, we’d have called that treason.

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