By Jon Dougherty

British journalist Piers Morgan, former CNN host and founder of the UK’s Daily Mail, had some critical words for the more than 10,000 protesters expected to show up around the country ahead of POTUS Donald Trump’s visit Monday and Tuesday.

During a segment on “Good Morning, Britain,” Morgan began with the president traveling to England to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day (June 6).

Morgan called the thousands of protesters “disrespectful,” adding that their childish antics are completely uncalled for and unnecessary.

He also reminded viewers that when the UK was in desperate need of a major ally in World War II, the Americans came.

“I think, actually, indeed, they … are a little bit disrespectful to be waving baby balloons all around the place at the President of the United States,” he explained. “When we needed the Americans in World War II, they were there for us.”

“And if our response [to that country] is to have bigger protests against the leader of the United States, than it ever was against the leader of Saudi Arabia … or China … or Russia … There’s something a bit warped about our values,” Morgan said.

“Is Trump really worse than Putin or King Salman?” Morgan asked. “Americans fought and died alongside us on D-Day.”

Indeed, a massive force of 116,000-plus troops — some 73,000 Americans and about 83,115 British and Canadian troops — hit the beaches at Normandy, France, on that fateful day in 1944 in what became the largest land invasion in the recorded history of the world.

But none of that matters to today’s protesters, some of whom plan to fly a large blimp of a crying, angry ‘Baby Trump.’


Morgan’s point is that England should be forever grateful for America’s help in beating back Nazi Germany’s quest to conquer all of Europe.

During the Battle of Britain in 1940, German air forces outnumbered Britain’s forces three-to-one in bombers and fighters. While the U.S. remained officially neutral, American pilots volunteered to fly British warplanes and many died in service of the Crown.

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Morgan has not been shy about his support for POTUS Trump. He has regularly defended him; he penned an explosive op-ed reminding Democrats that “Trump’s kicking your a**.”

He wrote that “the media hates him, Hollywood hates him but every hysterical piece of abuse they throw at him just makes Trump stronger and now the Democrats are heading for a midterms disaster.”

Morgan declared what Democrats won’t admit: “President Trump is winning.”

“There is simply no other way to fairly interpret the fact that he’s just hit a new high in his approval rating. Even better for Trump, he’s officially more popular than his predecessor Barack Obama was at the exact same stage of his first tenure as President.”

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