Dem James Clyburn refutes how good Trump’s economy is for blacks by bringing up (wait for it) slavery

Seriously, this schtick got old decades ago

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Black lawmakers like Rep. James Clyburn who came of age during the 1960s Civil Rights era have never stopped ‘fighting the fight’ because they discovered some time ago that throwing the race card in everyone’s faces makes for easy politics.

After all, you don’t have to prove your points or even make an argument in defense of your policies if you just call someone a “racist” and walk away. You’re black, you see, so the inference is a) only blacks suffered, and continue to suffer, racism, and b) every white person is guilty as charged.

And if you can somehow squeeze in a reference to slavery too, well, then, that’s a coup de grace moment.

Only, those arguments were never really arguments. They were the byproduct of intellectual laziness bereft of factual basis adopted by real racists who refuse to stop ripping at society’s 60-year-old social scabs.

Clyburn, of South Carolina, used the same tired, well-worn, and incorrect accusations again on Friday in a lame attempt to push back against Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, who asked the lawmaker to comment on how well blacks are doing under President Donald Trump’s economy which, by the way, has produced the lowest unemployment for blacks on record.

The conversation began on a pointedly hypocritical note: Cavuto asked Clyburn if he would support former NYC Mayor Michael “Stop and Frisk” Bloomberg if he became the Democratic nominee.

Clyburn said he would, despite Bloomberg’s past comments about the program and how it was specifically aimed at young black men because, heck, everyone knows they’re just hanging around on street corners waiting for someone to rob or shoot.

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Or something like that.

Why would Clyburn support a presidential candidate who said something like that? Oh, because he has a “D” behind his name (he does now — he had an “R” behind his name when he was having young black men stopped on the streets of New York).

Oh, and because the Orange Man is worse, you see — though Trump has never been a mayor or has overseen a racist law enforcement program.

“Not as much as what Trump has said about African-Americans,” Clyburn told Cavuto. “Anytime I go to the polls I’m considering positive and negatives on all candidates.”

Cavuto said no matter what anyone thinks of Trump he has, at least, “delivered the goods” for blacks in terms of jobs and economic growth, right?

Wrong. Oh, and slavery!

“I’m saying that the African-American unemployment is not the lowest it has ever been unless you count slavery. We were fully employed during slavery,” he said.

Oh, brother.

First of all, it’d be nice if journalists would stop allowing these race-baiting fools to accuse the president of ‘saying things’ about blacks without challenging to name the things he’s allegedly said. The most common — that he the ‘white supremacists at Charlotte, Va., were good people too’ — has been debunked over and over again.

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Secondly, what is Clyburn implying — that he wants blacks to be slaves again so they can be ‘fully employed?’

Who even thinks like this?

We’ll tell you who: Angry, bitter, race-baiting, black Democrats who have done little-to-nothing for African-Americans themselves despite spending decades in Congress.

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And now that Trump is actually helping blacks as he helps all Americans, black Democrats like Clyburn are still too angry and bitter to acknowledge it. Who cares who helps your community, as long as your community is helped…right?

Apparently not.


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It’s never ending. How about reparations ?
Hand him the keys to the United States. Maybe that will erase the slavery crisis that troubles him. Good Lord !


Where’s Sherrif Clarke? Arrest that chicken brain, Clyburn. He’s too stupid to be employed, and soaking up our tax dollars!

Seriously, that was a funny-ass article. Best one all day!


Clyburn should quit wearing Maxine’s beaver on his head.

Mark Eaves
Mark Eaves

May he join Elijah Cummings.


The Democrats solution to black unemployment - plant more cotton fields.

DEMS - As Nasty As They Wanna Be
DEMS - As Nasty As They Wanna Be

Oh good, another Rat and Rodent Infested Hellhole slum lord of politics, Democrat Congressman’s philosophy on other peoples lives.


Slavery is still popular with the islamo-heathens in Africa. Prisoners were often sold as slaves by their own people. It’s an excellent way of getting rid of dirtbags. Dutch Merchants and khazars capitalized on this centuries ago.

Sex slavery is also popular with the islamo-heathens and khazars.

Then we are all tax/debt slaves to one degree or another.

That’s another version of history often NOT published by the khazar publishing media demon-seeds.

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