(TNS) There are some investigative journalists who are as good as Sharyl Attkisson, but there are none who are better.

She picked up on something this week that hasn’t been mentioned by anyone else, let alone discussed.

Specifically, she said in a tweet, has everyone noticed that all the so-called “impeachment inquiry” witnesses Adam Schiff has brought before the House Intelligence Committee to testify have been really “strong advocates” for a country other than the United States?

These are American diplomats — Gordon Sondland, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Fiona Hill, Maria Yovanovitch — not Ukrainian diplomats. And yet, as Attkisson notes, they sure are more concerned about Ukraine’s well-being than carrying out the foreign policy of the American president.

And recall Vindman said this week that the Ukrainian government asked him not once but three times to be defense minister.

As Selwyn Duke notes in a column Thursday at American Thinker, is Vindman some kind of “Ukrainian asset” or something?

The Army’s answer to Seinfeld’s George Costanza, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, made quite the statement Tuesday when admitting under oath that he was offered the position of minister of defense of Ukraine — three times.  Vindman and the Ukrainian official extending the offer now both insist it was a joke, which may be true or not.  But it’s irrelevant.

It should first be noted that a joke isn’t laugh-inducing the third time.  All the same, the official who made the offer, Ukraine’s former chairman of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksander Danylyuk, wouldn’t be the first to overuse a line he fancied funny.  But if it actually was funny even the first time, it would only be because of what it reflected: the same thing it would if it was uttered seriously.

And the offer would be made seriously only if it was so clear that the Ukrainian-born Vindman was in Ukraine’s corner, that his passions and heart lay with the nation, that he could be trusted to be loyal to it — maybe even more loyal than he’d be to the U.S.

Spot, meet on.

But there’s more. Attkisson also seem marveled by the fact that these diplomats — all “Ukraine experts” — were clueless about widely reported Ukrainian interference in the 2016 U.S. election on behalf of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday, Hill even claimed that there was “no basis” for believing that Ukrainian officials did that…when they did.

The only good news here is that almost no one is watching this impeachment sham.

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