Nunes dishes SOME details on five criminal referrals he’s made to AG Barr: ‘SPYING on Trump campaign began in 2015’

By Jon Dougherty

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes provided Fox News host Sean Hannity with additional details on five of eight criminal referrals he’s made to Attorney General William Barr involving “Spygate” Deep State conspirators who tried to depose POTUS Donald Trump after his victory over Hillary Clinton.

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In an interview this week, the California Republican could not provide Hannity with any names, but he said if anyone has been following the “Russian collusion hoax” they could probably guess at least five of them.

“We don’t know if you’ll ever know who, but I can tell you that if you follow the ‘Russiagate’ Russia hoax closely, if I gave you seven guesses you would probably be able to get the five people that we have referred” to Barr, he said.

Nunes said there are five direct referrals for individuals “based on lying, obstruction of a congressional investigation, and leaking” sensitive information to various media sources.

“We have a global leaks referral” which Nunes said involves only a few reporters but “could involve” multiple people connected to those journalists.

There are also “conspiracy referrals based on the manipulation of intelligence,” including abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act courts and other “abuses,” Nunes continued.

In all, he said, there are eight referrals, adding that he is set to brief AG Barr when requested to do so. He said he will be joined by a former U.S. attorney, Rep. John Ratcliff (R-Texas), who has seen all of the evidence as a member of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, as well.

Noting that it was good to “finally have” an attorney general who believes that the Trump campaign was improperly put under surveillance, Nunes added more details:



In late 2015, early 2016, spying began on the Trump campaign. That information leaked to what they consider to be ‘legal spying’ began, that they’ve acknowledged [at the end of July 2016]…they considered that legal spying. 

They then leaked that information, right, shortly after the election, all through the spring, that was leaking out…why? To create a narrative that Donald Trump shouldn’t have been president, that he’s a Russian asset, etc. So, spying and leaking.

Then you have the culmination of the ultimate spying, where you have the FBI director [then James Comey] spying on the president, taking notes, illegally leaking those notes of classified information..why? So they could appoint a special counsel to spy on an acting president again.

So, there’s a lot of spying and a lot of leaking, and I think that’s as clear as I can put it.


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  1. Why do I feel that Nunes is lucky to be alive ?

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