Oregon example provides PROOF that Dems’ socialized medicine push is Left-wing attempt to crash our system

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Oregon’s experiment with forcing more of its residents onto Medicaid as a means of lowering the number of emergency room visits and the expense incurred by them has proven to be an abject failure, but the socialist designers of the system have long know that would be the case.

As NPR reports, a study published online by the New England Journal of Medicine found that Medicaid patients in Oregon who were enrolled in the program in 2008 found their use of emergency rooms as ‘primary care’ facilities remained high, even though they also boosted their visits to regular doctor’s offices.

NPR noted:

All eyes have been on Oregon to answer this question about ER use because, eight years ago, the state tried an experiment. It wanted to expand Medicaid, but it didn’t have the money to cover every eligible resident.

So it held a lottery to give coverage to as many people as possible, in the fairest way possible. The result was something of a gift to researchers like Bill Wright, director of the Providence Center for Outcomes Research and Education.

“You couldn’t do this as a researcher,” Wright says. You couldn’t design a study that randomly gave some people insurance, but not others. It wouldn’t be ethical to leave some people without coverage just to have a control group.

“As a researcher,” Wright says, “you don’t want to put someone in that position, just to study it.”

NPR noted further:

It was the first randomized study on the impacts of health insurance, and it’s one of the largest, surveying about 25,000 people.

The study’s first findings, published a few years ago, showed that Medicaid was beneficial in many ways. It improved people’s financial security. They went to the doctor when they were sick. And having the insurance correlated with a drop in rates of depression.

“These are all things that are really important benefits of Medicaid expansion,” says Wright.

But the study also found Medicaid enrollees increased their emergency room visits by 40 percent over the first 15 months.

“That was a surprise to a lot of folks,” says Wright.

Supporters of expanding Medicaid believed that giving it to more people would decrease E.R. visits and increase visits to doctor’s offices because they assumed that when people got sick they would go to see their own doctors first before wading into a far more expensive emergency room.

After the initial study results were published, some health care analysts tried to explain away the sustained high number of E.R. visits as people who had been denied care for so long because they were uninsured they just didn’t go to any doctor.

But that conclusion is so far from reality it’s nearly unfathomable.

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First of all, most healthcare providers who are in the trenches — that is, who work in emergency rooms — will tell you a lack of health insurance coverage isn’t the ‘deterrent’ socialist healthcare analysts say it is. People traipse into the E.R. for any number of reasons, least of which because they have (or don’t have) health insurance. Even with Medicaid, they are still going to E.R.’s because that’s what they’ve conditioned themselves to do.

Secondly, E.R. visits remain high because Medicaid reimbursement is so pitifully low to doctor’s offices many simply refuse to accept large numbers of new Medicaid patients.

But the designers of this socialized expansion of Medicaid, made possible under Obamacare, knew that it wouldn’t perform as advertised. In fact, they designed the system to fail so that they could completely wipe out any and all private insurance to replace it with a full-on government system.

Way back in 2013 then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) spilled the beans and admitted straight up that Obamacare wasn’t meant to be anything but a stepping stone to “single-payer” — that is, the “Medicare-for-all” scheme today’s 2020 Dem presidential contenders beginning with Sen. Bernie Sanders are pushing.

Per Investors Business Daily:

…Reid admitted the plan is to continue purging the private sector from health care. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the Nevada Democrat said on PBS’ “Nevada Week in Review” that “the country has to ‘work our way past’ insurance-based health care.”

Reid also said ObamaCare is “a step in the right direction,” but conceded that “we’re far from having something that’s going to work forever.”

The Sun reported that when asked if the country would ultimately “have to have a health care system that abandoned insurance as the means of accessing it,” Reid of course said, “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.”

As such, as healthcare analyst Avik Roy notes, “Obamacare was built to fail.”

Why? Why design a healthcare policy that you know isn’t going to succeed?

Simple: Political empowerment. Radical change. Revolution in the Marxist sense.

The objective of the American Left, which embraces the same ideology that communists everywhere embrace, is to tear down ever pillar of American society as it was founded and rebuild it in their vision. That necessarily involves literally flooding government entitlement programs with more people than the system can sustain, causing a breakdown in delivery of benefits (because the government can no longer afford them), leading to a breakdown in society. Riots in the streets, that sort of thing — so large there’s no way the federal government can contain them.

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Every human being alive is organic and will need healthcare. If Uncle Sugar controls it all, Uncle Sugar can take it away, too.

Our country — our civilization, our culture, our traditions, and our founding — is under constant assault from the Left. We are literally one election away from losing it all.

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