Intelligence expert: Deep State using ‘dark arts’ information warfare against Americans to bring down Trump (Video)

(TNS) A 30-year veteran military intelligence officer says his organization has identified a pattern of “dark arts” information warfare being employed by Deep State operatives against President Trump who have “gone off the reservation” in a bid to depose him.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, acting president of the London Center for Policy Research, told One America News his organization believes it has identified individuals within the U.S. intelligence community who are employing the dark arts used against our competitors and enemies inside the U.S. against a duly elected president.

Mind you, we’ve suspected this for some time, but we’ve never really had much confirmation of it until now.

Shaffer is a guy who is much maligned by the dickheads and douchebags in the Left-wing establishment media because he exposes people like John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey for who they are instead of toeing the deep state line and mouthing platitudes and bullshit so he can ‘get along’ and allow these pricks free reign to take our the president.

Plus, he and his organization are doing real research into ongoing intel operations — not just collecting an “analyst” paycheck from some little-watched ‘news’ network like CNN or MSNBC for repeating the very same shit all the other crisis actors are mouthing.

That includes operations inside our own borders and against our own leaders.

Make no mistake, much of this dark arts intel work is being willingly carried out by the lunatic Leftists in the dogshit establishment media. They have been participants since the beginning and every single day we see more of that treasonous handiwork in the lies, innuendo, and outright bullshit propaganda they spread — about Ukraine, whistleblowers, Russiagate, impeachment, etc.

What’s being done to Trump is more than just a travesty. It literally is a threat to our republic.

Because if these people succeed, then a) there will never be another ‘Trump-like’ president because they will have been frightened off by the deep state; and b) these people will continue to ass-rape America and prostitute us out as the globe’s piggy bank, allowing even our competitors and enemies to rob any time they please.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner

The information warfare going on here is vast, payed for by taxpayers. It includes sources such as Q & CTH, which pretend to be pro-Trump, while continuously arguing for delays in justice.

Fed up American
Fed up American

This is the kind of thing we end up with when we allow JFK’s murder and those purps to go unpunished and uninvestigated. A bankruptcy result Class action against the big legacy media companies may be called for - I have had it.


Last night 70,000 Americans followed Donald J. Trump into enemy territory … Minneapolis. The Mayor there was liberal with his hatred and made things dangerous for all involved. He, Mayor Frey, did that … not Mr. Trump. If Frey wanted to protect Minnesotans, he only had to act as if this was like any other gathering. Frey made every person present a target. These Americans brought their families. They were defended by the Red Wall of off-duty MNPLS police and by the III% in addition to the assigned police. Because of this, the Black Bloc of Antifa was blunted. Antifa… Read more »


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