Cuomo and de Blasio screeched for ventilators amid COVID-19 pandemic but Democrats SOLD 500 of them over the years

As usual, GOP leaders made far better decisions then Democrats did

By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) It has become crystal clear to any fair-minded American that the dire situation officials in New York City and New York State found themselves in after becoming the U.S. epicenter for coronavirus was not the fault of longtime resident-turned President Donald J. Trump.

Rather, it was the fault of years’ worth of bad choices and decisions made by Democrats who have dominated New York politics.

As the disease spread throughout the Big Apple, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio screeched at President Trump and his administration for “ventilators” and other resources.

The president responded with equipment, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (who set up field hospitals) and the USNS Comfort, one of the Navy’s two hospital ships.

‘Why weren’t you ready for this pandemic, Mr. President?’ became the familiar refrain from these two Democrats, a refrain picked up and echoed by the echo-chamber “mainstream” media, the propaganda wing of the party.

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Only, Donald J. Trump was never in charge of New York City or New York State. Democrats were.

Donald J. Trump is not, and never has been, the administrator of New York City hospitals; Democrats were.

And as it turns out, Democratic leaders made bad decisions about the kind of pandemic equipment they thought they would need — and not need — to include ventilators for lung-damaged coronavirus patients, while Republican leaders in previous years made better decisions.

ProPublica notes:

In July 2006, with an aggressive and novel strain of the flu circulating in Asia and the Middle East, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled a sweeping pandemic preparedness plan.

Using computer models to calculate how a disease could spread rapidly through the city’s five boroughs, experts concluded New York needed a substantial stockpile of both masks and ventilators. If the city confronted a pandemic on the scale of the 1918 Spanish flu, the experts found, it would face a “projected shortfall of between 2,036 and 9,454 ventilators.”

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The city’s department of health, working with the state, was to begin purchasing ventilators and to “stockpile a supply of facemasks,” according to the report. Shortly after it was released, Bloomberg held a pandemic planning summit with top federal officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, now the face of the national coronavirus response.

In the end, the alarming predictions failed to spur action. In the months that followed, the city acquired just 500 additional ventilators as the effort to create a larger stockpile fizzled amid budget cuts.

Even those extra ventilators are long gone, the health department said on Sunday. The lifesaving devices broke down over time and were auctioned off by the city at least five years ago because the agency couldn’t afford to maintain them.

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Meanwhile, the then-Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, “worried about recent pandemics in Asia, and noting the political fallout of Hurricane Katrina for President George W. Bush, invested hundreds of millions of dollars in ventilators, masks, and mobile hospitals,” Breitbart News reported.

As for New York City, the Swine flu fooled leaders into a false sense of security because the epidemic wasn’t as bad as people thought it would be (kind of coronavirus is turning out to be).

And recall, USA Today confirmed last week that the Obama administration depleted the national stockpile of respirator masks and other supplies during the H1N1 outbreak, but never restored it.

But somehow, all of this mismanagement in blue states is President Trump’s fault?


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