Limbaugh: ‘Impeachment for Trump will be different than it was for Clinton’ because of the fake news media

By Jon Dougherty

Talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh opened his program Tuesday discussing Democrats’ ongoing threats to impeach POTUS Donald Trump but noted that this process would go much differently than did the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

And we can thank the reliably dishonest “establishment” media for that.

After special counsel Robert Mueller ‘disappointed’ Democrats by clearing the president of “Russian collusion” and “obstruction of justice” — because the collusion charge was a fabricated narrative and you can’t obstruct a fake story — the impeachment fervor among the most ardent, hard-core Left of the party has only increased.

Limbaugh noted that the so-called ‘prevailing’ mindset among the president and his administration is that if Democrats sort of go through the motions and actually impeach him in the House, that isn’t good but it’s not the end of his presidency because there isn’t much chance he’ll be convicted in the Senate and actually removed from office.

However, there is a distinct difference between the impeachment of Bill Clinton in 1998 and any potential impeachment of POTUS Trump today: The establishment media.

Twenty years ago, the so-called “mainstream” media was all there was: Fox News was in its infancy, as was the Internet, so the networks and CNN were pervasive. They had nearly all of the American people as their audience.

Then as now, the establishment media was in the tank for Democrats and they circled the wagons around Clinton. For one, the media refused to report the truth about the charges surrounding the philanderer-in-chief: The he committed actual crimes of lying to Congress, lying to investigators, and suborning perjury, which amounted to obstruction of justice. In short, Clinton’s infractions met the Constitution’s definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” by which presidents should be judged impeachable.

However, because the media was all-in for Clinton, the American people got a very skewed view of the impeachment itself; that likely led to his reelection in 1996 and his continued popularity throughout the ordeal.

That wouldn’t be the case now, as Limbaugh noted:

…I think there are some stark differences between the impeachment of Clinton and how it was handled and what this would be. In other words, I don’t think that we should conclude that it’s an automatic slam dunk that the impeachment process would necessarily redound positively to Trump. …

Number one, and something everybody is either forgetting or ignoring, and it’s a very gigantic difference between the two situations. Throughout the Clinton impeachment, the Drive-By Media defended Bill Clinton every day on every charge, every step of the way.

Not only did the Drive-By Media defend Bill Clinton, they hid the actual charges in the articles of impeachment. The Drive-By Media hid the evidence against Clinton. They buried the fact, by not talking about it, that Clinton’s crimes were perjury and suborning perjury and witness tampering.

Bill Clinton lied under oath. Bill Clinton asked other people to lie under oath. He tampered with witnesses in that process. Those are real instances of obstruction of justice. Trump is nothing compared to what Bill Clinton did. Donald Trump has not obstructed justice in any way, shape, manner, or form, except in their dreams. But Bill Clinton did.

When you lie under oath to the grand jury, when you suborn perjury of other witnesses and tamper with them, those are separate crimes. One is obstructing justice and, of course, the separate crimes of perjury and suborning perjury and witness tampering. Instead, the Drive-By Media told us all the time that it was just about sex. They said that Bill Clinton was being impeached for Lewinsky, that Clinton was being impeached for all of the women that he had had extramarital affairs with under the watchful eye of Hillary Rodham Clinton — and make no mistake, she knew about all of them.

They never talked about the fact that Clinton was actually being impeached for perjury, real obstruction of justice. Now, it ain’t gonna be that way with Trump, folks. The news media’s gonna do the exact opposite. If these people on the Democrat side go ahead with impeachment, instead of hiding Trump’s alleged crimes… Remember, Trump hasn’t committed a crime here. He has not committed a crime. He has not obstructed justice. There is no way a case could be made. But they’re gonna impeach him, and who knows what the charges will be.

But whatever the charges are, the media will amplify them. The media will promote them. The media will support the impeachment. The media will be, as it is today, an extension of the impeachment process in the House of Representatives. Whatever crimes, questionable conduct that they dredge up, they… In fact, they will help the House of Representatives dredge up additional crimes and bad behavior.

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And if they have to make stuff up (which they will have to do), they will do it, and the media will be right there helping them. … This is just the next phase of the coup, folks.  

The one difference, as pointed out by some of Limbaugh’s callers, is that today the establishment media does not have nearly as much influence and sway with the American people simply because there are so many other choices and because the one-time “mainstream” media is both loathed and mistrusted, thanks in no small part to their fabrication of news stories and irrational Trump hate.

So the impeachment gamble by the House Democratic majority’s Left-wing extremist faction may well backfire.

But make no mistake, Limbaugh notes: It’s coming.

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