More fake news: Navy Secretary Spencer swats down report he threatened to resign over Trump tweet to spare pardoned SEAL

(TNS) There are a lot of reasons why we don’t buy claims from Facebook and Twitter that both social media platforms are serious about combatting “fake news,” because they are doing nothing to ban or censor so-called “mainstream media” outlets who continually report phony stories.

Like The New York Times.

On Friday, the outlet reported that Navy Secretary Richard Spencer and SEAL commander Rear Adm. Collin Green threatened to resign if President Donald Trump forced them to allow SEAL Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward R. Gallagher to retain his “Trident” — the symbol SEAL members are given to wear on their uniforms after passing the rigorous training course.

The fake Times report came after Trump tweeted late last week that he would not allow Gallagher’s Trident to be taken away after pardoninghim on murder allegations.

But on Saturday, Spencer corrected the record.

The San Diego Union-Tribune noted:

U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer denied a New York Times report Saturday that he had threatened to resign or be fired if President Donald Trump intervenes to stop an administrative review of a SEAL at the center of a botched war crimes court-martial.

Spencer delivered the denial from the Halifax International Security Forum in Nova Scotia, Canada, where he is a keynote speaker: “Contrary to popular belief, I am still here. I did not threaten to resign. We are here to talk about external threats and Eddie Gallagher is not one of them.” The denial was also posted to his official Twitter account.

The comment bolstered other denials from Navy officials who told the Union-Tribune Saturday that neither Spencer nor Rear Adm. Collin Green had threatened to resign, contrary to what the Times had reported hours earlier.

The Times’ report is based on comments from unnamed officials in the Trump administration, the Times says.

At some point — the First Amendment’s freedom of the press guarantee notwithstanding — these phony baloney ‘news’ outlets will have to be held accountable for such blatant lying.

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Americans literally cannot rely on the nation’s largest news organizations to be fair, must less honest, in their reporting on this president and his administration.

It’d be nice if the social media giants would hold true to their pledges and start banning outlets like the Times, CNN, and the Washington Post for their fake news.

We won’t hold our breath.

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Look see, twitter, facebook, google, microsodt, and apple all have deep state connections.

They are dark forces aligned with satan. Abominations and traitors.


Long time readers I’ve known have dropped the New York Times right after the 2016 election. People have s hard time verifying stories they’ve read with other news outlets. “How can you believe an article that no one else is printing “


Nevertheless, his resignation has been requested. As he acknowledges that he serves at the pleasure of the President, I trust that he will dutifully tender his resignation. Anything else would belie his statement of subordination.

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