By Duncan Smith

We’ve heard it many times in the past: ‘This is the most important election ever!’

And we’re hearing that again in regards to the 2020 elections.

But in fact, what happens in November could very well decide the fate of our country.

No, seriously.

Democrats have already tipped their hand: They’re full-bore socialists and Marxists now. The ‘old school’ Dems are starting to get picked off one-by-one by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clones.

And overall, the party has shifted so far to the Left that there is no coming back.

So, we either re-elect President Trump and pro-USA, MAGA Republicans, or we suffer perpetual unrest, tyranny, and Marxist rebellion — which may happen anyway, the difference being we’d at least have a law-and-order president and Congress.

For his part, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) told Fox News’ Sean Hannity last week that the 2020 election is the “most important since Lincoln.”

What a wise man.


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