By Duncan Smith

One of the dumbest ‘reform’ ideas to come out of the “Summer of Black Lives Matter” following the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis in May was the “Defund the Police” nonsense.

Anyone in their right mind knows that civil society will not remain so without law and order and, more importantly, men and women to enforce law and order.

That’s just the way it is. Even in Europe’s uber-liberal societies, they have police officers.

But for reasons only they can justify, leftists elected to city councils around the country embraced the stupid and actually began to implement policies to defund their police departments.

Well, in Minnesota — the birthplace of such ignorance — residents who would rather not dodge bullets and see their communities destroyed by ‘police-free’ policies have legal standing to sue city leaders, according to a state court.

The Center Square, via, reports:

Minneapolis residents have standing to sue the city over an alleged police staffing violation, Hennepin County District Court Judge Jamie Anderson has ruled

Anderson's order rejected the city of Minneapolis' attempt to throw out the lawsuit because the city said residents lacked standing to sue.

Anderson said he didn't have enough information yet to decide on the outcome sought by plaintiffs.

Still, Anderson cited McKee v. Likins, in which the Minnesota Supreme Court held that '[t]axpayers are legitimately concerned with the performance by public officers of their public duties. Accordingly … a taxpayer suing as a taxpayer has standing to challenge administrative action which allegedly is rulemaking adopted without compliance with the statutory notice requirements.'

Eight Minneapolis residents sued the City Council and Mayor Jacob Frey in August, arguing they violated the charter requirement to staff roughly 743 officers for the 425,000-person city.

The lawsuit argues that the number of licensed police officers has dropped from 825 at the start of 2020 to about 634.

The ignorance behind “defund the police” is astounding, frankly.

But at least one judge is providing citizens of his state with an avenue to restore some sanity to law, crime, and the maintenance of a civil, functioning society.

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