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Brennan caught in another LIE? Claim he heard about Russia ‘dossier’ via ‘news reports’ doesn’t WASH

(National SentinelDeep State: On Monday, disgraced Obama CIA Director John Brennan, who recently had his security clearance revoked by POTUS Donald Trump, said he never heard anything about the infamous “Russia dossier” until he saw it in news reports.

That’s the same excuse his boss, Obama, used to give when he claimed to have no additional knowledge about the plethora of scandals that occurred on his watch. But is Brennan’s claim true? Doesn’t seem like it.

As we reported in April:

Former CIA Director John Brennan traveled to Moscow in March 2016 just a few months before “Trump dossier” author and ex-British spy Christopher Steele wrote his first anti-Trump memo.

According to Russian media at the time, it wasn’t clear why Brennan, who has been a vociferous and vocal critic of President Donald J. Trump, made the trip. But it was not related to Russia’s decision a few weeks earlier to begin withdrawing from Syria.

In fact, one ranking Russian diplomat had no idea why Brennan had come, according to the Moscow Times.

“It’s no secret that Brennan was here,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov. was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying of Brennan’s “secret” visit. “But he didn’t visit the Foreign Ministry. I know for sure that he met with the Federal Security Service (the successor agency to the Soviet KGB), and someone else.”

According to a post on Reddit’s The Donald page, there is some speculation that Brennan flew to Moscow to get the “Trump dossier” directly.

There’s also this: Previous reporting claimed that Brennan discussed the dossier with then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., before he retired.

In fact, as we reported earlier, Reid was under the impression that Brennan was using him for some nefarious purpose.

As further reported by The Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross, investigators know that Brennan, a frequent critic of President Donald J. Trump, played a “prominent role” in the probe and that he briefed Reid about Trump associates’ contacts with Russians.

In briefing him, however, Reid believed that Brennan likely had an “ulterior motive” — that he was using Reid to publicize alleged links between Team Trump and Russian associates.

And now Brennan is using the “Obama Denial Method” in claiming that he only learned about the dossier from media reports?

By his own account, Brennan played a prominent role in starting the investigation of Trump’s team,” a congressional source with direct knowledge of the House of Representatives’ Russia investigations said.

“Investigators in Congress suspect there are important details about his role that he hasn’t revealed, and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it,” the source added.

The answers may lie in a series of emails that government watchdog Judicial Watch and congressional committees are attempting to obtain, The Gateway Pundit reports.

On Monday’s “Hannity” program on Fox News, host Sean Hannity and ace investigative journalist Sara A. Carter discussed those emails:

Sean Hannity: I know I’m just a talk-show host and we don’t do investigative reporting but we’ve beaten everybody, everybody as it relates to this story. By the way, that was targeted at people who know who they are. I just want to say, isn’t there an email chain that might prove this point?

Sara Carter: There’s actually a series of emails that people want to obtain. That is why Congress, this is why Judicial Watch and others are suing for Brennan’s communications as well as Comey’s.

Sean Hannity: And they may actually prove that he did do this and he lying about the Reid stuff? Is that what your birdies were telling you because that’s what my birdies are telling me?

Per Hannity:

The walls are closing in on John Brennan. Who will he give up if squeezed?

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5 Comments on Brennan caught in another LIE? Claim he heard about Russia ‘dossier’ via ‘news reports’ doesn’t WASH

  1. Brennan is a lying scumbag. Just like the rest of the gaggle…

  2. The FACTS now in the public domain clearly support the conclusion that a cabal of the Intel Agencies’ hierarchy - Clapper (DNI), Brennan (CIA) and Comey (FBI), were authorized by then president Obama, to ‘investigate’ Trump’s connections to Russia and if possible to create a collusion between Trump and the Russian cyber warfare people.

  3. Vincent Morrie // August 21, 2021 at 12:40 pm // Reply

    This site gives lots of good and concise information.

    Hannity helps break major stories such as the FISA abuse and now this.

    Deep state sympathetic sources such as CTH claim brilliance while ridiculing legitimate sources.

  4. Obama and Brennan had a lot in common - they’re both anti-American, they’re both Muslim, they’re both liars and narcissists, they’re both globalists, and both are Communists - all hidden, of course, from everyone else (or so they think). Neither one of them should have ever been allowed into positions of the U.S. Government, and both share the same goals of overthrowing America. Both of them need to be formally investigated.

  5. A real criminal investigation ( Joe Arpaeo and his posse) needs to be done to all the dem payers - thoroughly - then a real judge with criminal and punishment ability instead of politician needs to preside.

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