Bolton said to have resigned one day after President Trump suggested sanctions relief against Iran

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Former National Security Advisor John Bolton resigned his post just one day after President Donald Trump suggested that the administration ease sanctions on Iran as a means of bringing the regime to the negotiating table over its nuclear program, Axios reported Saturday.

According to an unnamed source reportedly close to Bolton, the former Trump aide said he disagreed with the suggestion because he believes the administration’s current maximum pressure campaign is working.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani “signaled approval” of Trump’s dismissal of Bolton earlier this week, the AP reports.

Rouhani repeated an earlier claim that Iran is interested in negotiations with the U.S. only if suffocating economic sanctions are lifted, per Iran’s semi-official Tasnim News Agency.

Meanwhile, The Daily Beast reported this week that the president is actively considering offering Iran a $15 billion line-of-credit under the condition that Tehran complies with rules established by former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal.

As to whether Bolton resigned on his own, President Trump has said he asked for Bolton’s resignation because his “services” were “no longer needed” by the administration.

Previous reporting claimed that the president had begun to criticize Bolton’s war hawk approach to foreign policy.

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“The two men have regularly been at odds over how to take on major foreign policy challenges facing the United States,” The New York Times reported last week.

“Mr. Bolton, a longtime national security hawk, held some views that contrasted with Mr. Trump’s, favoring sanctions and pre-emptive military action against some countries even as the president pursued diplomacy,” the paper noted further.

The Times notes that Bolton and the president disagreed over Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Venezuela, and Russia.

In regards to Iran in particular, Bolton has long advocated military action against the regime, something that President Trump is not prepared to do under any circumstances unless the Iranians provoke a response. The president does not want to be drawn into yet another protracted Middle East war while he’s trying to extract American troops from Afghanistan, Syria, and elsewhere throughout the region.

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When you want to negotiate with people that ALWAYS cheat on deals, you think far too much of your abilities.


The atThe attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil refineries either by Iran or IraniaIranian supported Yemen Huthis indicates President Trump was wrong to fire Bolton.

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