(NationalSentinel) A recent segment of “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News featured a segment in which roving correspondent Jesse Watters interviewed several high school students from New York City about President Donald J. Trump’s executive order to ban travel from seven terrorism-infested nations.

Needless to say, to a kid they were completely clueless about what the ban entails, why the president ordered it, and what it is designed to do - which is protect them and more than 318 million other Americans.

09-02-16-03-17-18_promo_article_160x600-option-11These kids, along with tens of millions of others, are being influenced in large part by an entertainment industry that is infested with constitutionally ignorant, mentally unhinged people who are spewing irrational hatred towards Trump over issues that aren’t even real. And yet, kids repeat them like drones.

It’s all adding up to a very toxic environment that at least one analyst does not see ending well. Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics thinks that the culmination of all of these protests coupled with the irrational hatred and fabricated narratives (Trump’s a racist, homophobe, bigoted fascist) is renewed civil war:

All of this is building to violence. Then the police will respond and then the outcries will be see – Trump is running a police state. This will only tear the country apart. Many of these protesters are not old enough to even vote. Their teachers allow them to cut class to protest against Trump. When asked what they are protesting about, they do not even understand the issues.

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This is like a rumor mill. By the time it gets to the 5th person, it is nothing like what was said. You have black students in high school repeating Trump said all blacks are ignorant. Others saying Iraq is not a terrorist nation because they never heard of that. Still others said people should come in and not even be checked. This is the mindset that is sweeping the nation and it is really scary. This is part of the cycle of civil unrest and indeed it looks like the computer is going to be right once again. This will be the BIGGEST spike in civil unrest in American history, It is already the biggest with regard to trying to block and overthrow the Trump Administration and Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schummer are all encouraging this violence.  Nancy Pelosi says she cannot work with Trump at all and she is the head of the Democrats.

This will ONLY end in bloodshed.

Armstrong’s economic confidence model has been very accurate for the past three decades. It predicted the Savings and Loan crash of the late 1980’s to the very day, the collapse of Japanese stocks, and the destruction of the Russian economy.

And some years ago, it predicted periods of civil unrest were coming. It appears that time has arrived.


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