SHOCK: U.S.-backed Syrian rebels caught STAGING photos of dead children ‘to play on Western emotions’

(National Sentinel) False Flag: A journalist for the BBC is accusing Syrian rebels backed by the United States of staging the bodies of dead children in an attempt to whip up emotional sentiment throughout the West.


The accusation, contained in a tweet, comes amid allegations by Washington that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was responsible for a chemical weapons attack against a rebel-held enclave nearly a week ago.

President Donald J. Trump has promised the U.S. response against the Syrian government as retribution for the attack.

BBC reporter Riam Dalati tweeted, “Sick and Tired of activists and rebels using corpses of dead children to stage emotive scenes for Western consumption.”

“Sick and tired of activists and rebels using corpses of dead children to stage emotive scenes for Western consumption. Then they wonder why some serious journos are questioning part of the narrative,” he wrote.

Charles Shoebridge, a former British Army officer, Scotland Yard detective and counterintelligence official, noted, “With it becoming ever more hard to deny, a sign that at least some in US UK mainstream media are now willing to admit that US UK backed rebels & activists have long been creating and manipulating content for US UK media consumption.”

He noted further: “A ‘chemical attack’ that for Assad makes no military or political sense, just after Trump announced US withdrawal, and exactly one year after US attack following.”

Dalati eventually deleted his tweet, but Shoebridge captured it, as seen above.

Russian officials have blamed the chemical attack on the White Helmets, a group of volunteers identified by their white helmets who claim to be a humanitarian rescue organization. According to Tass:

The chemical weapons attack on civilians in the Syrian town of Douma was staged and filmed by members of the White Helmets organization, First Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Operations Department Lieutenant General Viktor Poznikhir told reporters on Wednesday.

“On April 7, probably the last attempt to stage a chemical weapons attack in Eastern Ghouta was made. The notorious White Helmets, who operate as part of terrorist groups, staged and filmed a chemical weapons attack on civilians in the town of Douma,” he said.

In one tweet, Shoebridge alluded to the White Helmets being implicated in the attack.

“As always, US UK funded ‘rescuers’ the primary news source,” he tweeted.

Al Jazeera reported that the Syrian government called the attack a fabrication.

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Bart Scrivener

What some people won’t do to get the US and Russia to destroy each other, all the while wiping out the Syrians, grabbing their oil, gas, and land, and then creating some huge sob story to get us to believe it was all necessary. This world makes me PUKE !!

Micah Chastain
Micah Chastain

I have never believed that Assad was responsible for the so-called chemical attacks perpetrated on his people. This one, in particular, makes no logical sense at all. The rebels are quite good at staging scenes that they know will provoke the American sheeple. And I sure as hell hope we don’t end up going to war over it.


Sorry but those were real victims, not staged actors. I consider this FAKE NEWS !!

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